Friday, November 28, 2008

Holidays is finally here!!! 3 months long!!!

It is most definitely a great relieve that SPM is finally over, for some of us. For those who are still not done. All the best!!!

After the last paper, I saw this!!!
Guess where is it? If you said toilet... then you're wrong!!! If you guessed its our class number... Wrong again!!! The answer is... Gurney Redbox!!!! First time ever, my dad allows me to go any shopping complex right after school. Me and a few guys changed our clothes at school and took off to gurney as soon as my dad arrives.

We sang for 3 hours straight... and the guys said they wanted to extend the time... what the hell? I'm due at 8pm! xD in the end, we left redbox at 7pm then headed for dinner. When we were walking, we saw the stage. Do you know who was coming? 林宇中! Wow... I thought I would have the honor to share the air he breathes. But it was taking too long. I believe when the time he finally came out, I've already long left the building.

Soon after, they headed to GSC. I asked them :"Why?". You know what they said? they say :"Of course go watch movie lar!" Walau... they didn't tell me. I thought we are heading home right after we finished singing. haha... So, I didn't join them and head home. As my Heroes Season 3 is waiting for me at Star World!!! Yeah...

On the next morning (this morning), woke up at 6.30pm. I've only slept for 6hours and 30 minutes!!! I'm damn tired now! But I am able to online! xD Went to school help SPBT in collecting Form 5 books. Isn't it ridiculous? I'm already retired!! But still 好人做到底 so, I shown up at the final activity. I guess that's it for now. Sorry If I've made you guys waited for me to update!! xD

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ong JIng Yun's 17th Birthday

Today... I have a friend... And this friend, her birthday is today. Despite the SPM preparations, I've prepared her birthday present months ago. And here I am, presenting the final part... Hope YOU'll LIKE IT!!!

Edited it myself, despite my brother nagging, wanted to play the computer... And, If you did not like the cake... Here's another one:

Happy 17th Birthday Ong Jing Yun!!!