Saturday, March 29, 2008

This morning  I went to school when i'm going for an activity which starts at 10.30am. But i reached there at 6.30 am. Who exactly would be this stupid and waste his/her own precious time? ME!!! It is dark at 6.30am. and i have nothing to do there... and there is nobody i know to talk to... sienz... 

So, I went to an activity that i didnt expect to go. But all of the form 5 members rebelled and doesn't want to go marching so the committee decided to let us go gotong-royong at the markas.
And some of us are started to play... haiz... form 5 d still play like kids.

They exactly like kids that found a stick and the broom is swing around as if its a sword.
It actually started with 2 person. Then i told Andrew (on left with broom) to look how sweat they are. Then he said wait for me i wanna join in... sweat...

This is when they had finished 'fighting'. They are rushing to take off and play basketball. haiz.. when the seniors are so childish, then wat happens to the juniors?

Then I took off at 9.30am after i clear the dry leaves with Andrew which is 1 and a half hour earlier. (evil laugh) Then i head to my SPBT meeting (which is held by me).

after the meeting the AJKs had a little discussion

They are so incooperative. NO FACE!!! haiz... guess everyone is shy


On the other day (Thursday), there are only 4 person in the English tuition. In such a 'coincidence' all 4 of  us use the same coloures file. And i even took a pic of it. hahaha.... sweat...

I don't know if they will kill me now that i post their faces. From left is Jing Yun (sorry its a private profile) and Esther.

And i stayed back after school during the past friday. It is the purple colour house practice AKA i brought my hp to school. shh....

My phone's camera is only 1.3 megapixel, so the purple colour turned blue. haiz...

I was taking the picture from first floor. I was so afraid they will lock it up. But luckily the door was not locked when i was leaving. (they are marking their attendance, which is worth 10 marks in our PJ subject!!!)

When they are changing the sport they practice. And the guy on the bike is here just for the attendance.

Guess that's all. JAJT is here at 10.14pm

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

yesterday was a busy day...

Today morning 7am to 8++am there's a SPBT duty but i'm not requested. (which is a good thing) Its good that i get to attend class, so do not have a out of class permit BUT i still need to do the paperwork. Haiz... Its sad but i have to do the paperwork cause the secretary is busy.

And finally tomorrow is the day where me and livyn's cert will be given by the school on stage!!! I've not been on the school stage since form 1. (and that was also because of punished to stand on the stage. haha... old times) And we need to give the school part of our prize money. sob... T_T well... its for the school, so its ok. hehe...

In class, DT ACCIDENTALY shot me with a rubber band. according to him, he was not aiming and just playing with it. Then when he accidentally released it, he look at me with his mouth saying sorry. As if i was gonna eat him. Well, it cant be help, I'm famous with 'I can do ppl but ppl cannot do me'. So when i turn around. Before I had a chanceto say anything, He said sorry. When I opened my mouth. Do you know what did I say? I am the most guai lan one in this class, don't you try to be more guai lan than me!!! DT and Lee Huai were 'sweating'!!! hahaha... really caught them offguard.

Tomorrow our math/ addmath teacher will be taking students out of school for the MSSPP badminton competition. YEAH!!! 2 free periods plus the school assembly tomorrow, we sure have a lot of nap time. hahaha... just kidding, its MARCH and only 6 months + before its SPM!!! haven't studied. sob... I will soon... addicted to facebook lately. I did managed to stop last night.
But whenever I turn on the computer, my opera will like automatically open (seduction).
and i would do all kind of stuff like qriting this post?

Oh ya yesterday, I was captured by Miss Cheam with the PA system in the auditorium room. I was like, WHY me? cause i have 0 knowledge of the wireless microphone as I'm not in the wireless society. So when i reached there, I du=ont even know where to start. and look for the plug first. Then when DT came to help out only we manage to turn the overall system on. And a deed is done. just like that. I even heard that Chung Ling won the english debate preliminary match.

And it was on the same day as the MSSPP volleyball competition. And Julin was in it!!! (cant imagine). And aspected Melinda was also in the team. They won 2 matches and are heading for the quarter finals today. I asked for the results of our school, and we won the first round, then finished by the opponent. Game over. And they are back at school today. I haven't ask Julin about the results today. hmm.... did they won? hope so, according to some of my resources, they work hard and tired and very long hours...

No more fooling around!!! exam is near and i havent touch a book!!! That's all folks!!!

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

today is a busy day...
(schedule: study, cut down the tree, watch the puppies prepare the IT slides which is due tomorrow)

I woke at 11.30am
immediately rush to the computer to finish the slides. Then mom called that we are eating KFC for lunch. YEAH!!! (cause its rare) The reason is because we have this:

Yes... A coupun

That leads us to Giant hypermarket. haiz... so... i'm the carrier again...
And this WAS my lunch. hehehe... :)

After lunch we walk in to buy the grocery needed, then i saw this cute glove... Which is blue in colour which Esther will 
certainly like it. hahaha...

And looks like Giant finally did an upgrade on the price checkers. The last time i was there the thingy everywhere were spoilt. or its just my bad luck? Maybe... Maybe not... and Jann would probably like this price checker. hehehe... cause its green.

And when we reached home, it was bad news for me and my brother. We were caught to trim the tree. This is a pic of him clearing the braches so that its easier for us to stack it.

And this is the mess we made to the road behind my house. Which we cleared it up after we are done.

And this is the tree during the process of our tree trimming session. hahaha... so sad... 

This is where we
stack the tree branches and leaves. No we didnt stack it in the drain but on it. hehehe...

and As the result some of the straight long branches are kept as our sticks used in gardening. hehehe... guess that's it for today. Good Night!!!

JAJT is here at 12.07 a.m. wow... its that late? good night!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jolene just gave birth to six puppies this afternoon.

at 2.30pm 2 puppies are sighted, then another 4 are sighted at 5.30pm. wow... this is the second time for Jolene to give birth, but is the first time i see the miracle of life. She is very tired after giving birth. But she is tough and still walking and even RUNNING!!! but she have difficulty squatting (which she does it everytime she needs to do her business). Will upload the pups tomorrow as it is dark already. The rain just made the situation worse making them cold and such. Oh ya... 3 of them are black in colour and 3 of them are white. remember its a golden retriever. You tell me what happened.

the puppies, all six of them

feeding the puppies one by one. But they didnt drank much and
 some even pushed away. Then they all slept after putting them down. SO CUTE!!! :)

but they still prefer mummy's milk. hehehe...
A rainy day it is today...

Went to school in the morning for Robotic club activity. But when I reached there, I saw a Philatelic Club member roaming around. Then it 
came to my mind. I forgot to memorized the doppelganger nija technique (from Naruto) yet.
and so coincidently the time clashed. haiz... just have to go both lor.

Robotic club is previously the school invention club, so now it is separated to 2 big sections. The robotic (we use NXT and RCX to build our robots) section and the water rocket section. I remembered last time, we ran out of water bottle 
to make our bottle rocket, so we purposely bought a carton of 100 plus with the club money. wah... that day we drink 100 plus like drinking mineral water. hahaha...

The sign outside of our robotic lab (with aircond) hehehe...

As you can see our stuff (lego parts) are kept nicely. Unlike before, hehehe... sorry teacher...

These are the bottles remaining use to make new water rockets. Haiz... doing a water rocket is not an easy job. many things to do, luckily my mom didnt allowed me to enter the school water rocket competition this year. hehehe...

A few pros from our club are discussing the strategy they are using for the upcoming robot competition. From left The person in black is 
Jasher a form six, then John a form 3 pro programmer, in the school nobody can out match
him (I think not even the teacher). only few are able to 'talk' to him about the hardware and software of a computer. then the person in light blue in Andrew the few twin (the other is Adrian) in form 4, Next is Pei Iu our 2006/2007 chairman of robotic club. then i'm not sure the other two's name. hehehe... sorry...

Here is a pic of members hangging out in the lab.

This side are where we program the robots via
USB 2.0 cable.

Here is the shelf where we keep all of our prizes. Which is quite plenty, since that our previous 
one was winning the first prize and representing Malaysia to compete in Taipei.

I still remember this, this was build by our seniors. It is an alien which will shock you when you touch the circuit board on the chest on the alien (covered by the pink note)

And finally this is our young teacher advisor which lead us to so many success. Presenting... Mr. Lim Seng Huat which is very strict when teaching and humorous at the same time. By the way, he just married last december. Too bad we were not informed, If not all of us will fill the hall or so watever. hahaha...

I guess this is all about  the Robotic Club in CLHS...

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Friday, March 21, 2008

This morning was a tiring one...

10 km limit 75 minutes for lucky draw.

from youth park into botanical garden then back to youth park (enters from the other entrace)
I have 2 targets in this race, to get first 200 placing (to get extra marks for cocuriculum) but i ended 213 (or something like that) T_T and to reach finish before 75 minutes (for the thumbdrive lucky draw). I think i had finish in the time limit, but they ran out of the lucky draw tickets.

The teachers are chatting (dunno wat are their topic though)

everyone lined up behind the starting/finishing line. I remember last year, everybody was so nervous that everybody are standing before the starting line, as they are fighting to be in front.

a picture I taken before the jogathon started. And Tze Chuen have to kacau my hp. haiz... so childish like me. hahaha...

The long line behind the starting line. It is a rare event that people actually stays behing the line. hehehe...

A few friends of my posing. from left Chen Kwok, Wai Kay, Choon Lin, Jih Tzeh and the Action group guy (forgot his name sorry!!!)

So hard to get this picture. cause i'm unable to find a
 photographer. hahaha... and i dunno how did that yellow line appear. It is there since the picture was taken. haiz... looks like it gonna breakdown soon.

I know this pic is blur,
cause I zoomed in as they are very far away. As you can see Mr Wong Chong Yin is taking a picture of us before the race, and Guo Din is taking a picture of Mr Wong Chong Yin taking a picture and I'm taking a picture of Guo Din taking a picture of the teacher taking a picture. (is that confusing?)

A student from the photography club is taking the picture of the PIBG, school teacher and our Headmaster, guess I joined in their photograph session. From left is Mr Lye Tuck Seng, Mr. Cheah Kok Kheng (Vice Headmaster), dunno, dunno, dunno, dunno, dunno, dunno, Mr Chuah Yao Chou (Headmaster), dunno, dunno and the previous headmaster, Mr Tham Kong Chee.

From left Woo Muan Hoy And Andrew. Behind them are the form six students (the only girl student in our school) (evil laugh) they have special light purple t shirts. last year was black and orange.

This is the largest event expected this year. and all students must show up. There are about 3 thousands head in here (if you got the time to count it) hahaha...

Looks very... eww.... I know but this is the only picture
took while running. From left me and Choong Tze (which is a pro runner but too bad he had gastric today)

Oh My Gosh!!! people are running ahead of me... What to do? I didnt not train for this event... hahaha...

After I have reach the finished line, resting as my legs gonna fall off if I walk any further. 

Finally, a picture of the 'yam pong' (hokkien) 9 in total but they are in other pics
From left: Standing one is Zu Quan aka Zuga, Kenny (the only one that can sing in our group), Choong Tze the fit one, Lee Huai the joker, Hong Yong the fake normal (hokkien), Yi Shyan (in yellow) the hua hua gong zhi and Jia Wei the terrible voice like to sing but very terrible. sorry dude!! Not in the picture: DT (he will kill me if I reveal his real name or even his fake name) (what the heck? edited his name so many times. nvm he requested wan) and ME the guai lan and annoying one. hehehe... This is the ultimate group in my high school LIFE!!!

These are the lucky draw numbers. None of them are mine though. I just help them get their lucky draw prize IF they get one. 570 is Dark Tenshi's 
which I fought with Jian Thyn over it. 367 is Zuga's which he gave me willingly but he very xim tia
cause he wanted the USB 2.0 2GB tumbdrive by PenDrive with our school logo on it. Which cause about RM60 in Penang.


People are sitting at the benches waiting for the award ceremony and lucky draw session. 

This is the pendrive won by Zuga's lucky draw number 367. Sob... Its in my possesion, but it belongs to others... How I wish I can run faster 
and get a number of my own. haiz... to late to regret now. As this is the last year I'm competing, 
and I'm graduationg from this school next year. Well, from the star I did not aspect me to finish it in time. As I remember I entered an outside 
event marathon which is 10km and it took me 45 minutes to complete it. But today there are two uphills which makes it more difficult than the other one. Every year the distance, location and terrain is the same. haiz...

I almost forgot, My racing number is 1315. hahaha... I wished it was 1314 but it belongs to Andy.

I guess that is all for today. Wow, i've been typing for half an hour. No wonder my mum is scolding me. hehehe... well, Good Night!!!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

tomorrow is my school's cross country. Got to sleep early. haiz...

In my family, dogs are loved and cared for deeply. We even take them as brother and sister. Therefore, I have two 'sisters' and a 'brother'. Eldest sister is Chi Chi, then the brother Euro and the youngest Jolene. We had just gave Euro and Jolene a bath. Hahaha... usually Euro will struggle and splash water all over us, but instead he is behaving well today. and for Jolene she doesn't give us any trouble when it comes to bathing.

Here is a pic of Chi Chi

As she is very 'active' :) and untrained, so she gives me a hard time :( getting a clearer pic.
She is a mix of Miniature Pinscher and Doberman Pinscher. So she is larger than a mininature prinscher but way smaller than a Dobeman. I got her as a second pet from Taiping, just after I finished UPSR. Since she is a mixed, she doesn't have a cerfiticate.

Then, the second one is Euro.

He is a pure Siberian Husky,but he doesn't have a cerfiticate. sob...
However, he had a shorter right front leg. We got him just after I finished PMR from Sungai Bakap. So he is about 2 years old (human year) this July. And he is my favourite, after I watched the movie Eight Below, I wanted a husky and this was given by a friend of my dad.

And this is a pic of me hugging Euro. He is not heavy for his age. Haiz... maybe his leg stunted his growth. T_T Sob... Sob... Nevermind, I still like him anyway. ^_^

He will always be my puppy... hehehe...

The youngest one is Jolene. However, she is considered the youngest cause she came to our house the latest. She is 3 years old (human year) this July. She came to our house just last December.

This is my youngest sister a Golden Retriever. She is now pregnant, and gonna give birth this few days. Getting Excited about it!!! Yeah!!! She gave birth once before, to 6 pups. But that is before she came to our house, so this is the second time she is giving birth. I promise i'll upload her puppies next time. :)

I guess that's all for today...

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