Saturday, June 28, 2008

KDU technology week report

Remember my previous post I announced that i'm skipping school for the KDU technology fair?

Yup... It ended. Here is a little concept I get from the fair.

I was looking forward for the event before it. But when I'm there, I'm very very disappointed. Then after the event, I guess its alright...

Here are some details during the Game Design Workshop with pics =)

First Day
We went to school first that day, and planned to leave school at 8am cause it starts at 9am and we would have to calculate the traffic. So we took off at 8am, but later the time was reschedule again due to the rain.. Does it have to be today? haiz... never mind, our workshop is indoor xD

Reached there and we only saw a few people around. Then we discovered Ewe Chuan and Ding Shen sitting by the bench. Played a game.. sweat lerh? xD To kill time, you can do almost anything!!!

Registered at the booth and went into the computer lab. Now, I'll let the pictures do the talking (with some descriptions of course)

The speaker Joshua. A lecturer in KDU

Not long after, a guy came in and informed Joshua that some big people is coming to take a look.

The 'big gun' is the one on the right.

Funny thing was everybody clapped their hands and stood up to invite him when he entered. I was surprised. Is there such need? But to follow the crowd, I joined them as well. xD

Started using the computer there to 'design our game' using

There sure are many computers in the lab. No wonder the line was MEGA laggy

Besides the workshop, there are others workshop in the process too. And guess what? there is an IT fair on the ground floor.

I think these are students from KDU presenting their laptops, cause on the next day there are rewards for the best booth

Looks like I'm not the only one who noticed the exhibition

While waiting for CHiang Teik's mum, we camwhored.

The sporting models xD

Guess what? after Chiang Teik's mum came. I went back to school, cause that's the only transport I have to go home. But it was an hour early before school dismiss. SO I entered the class... sweat lerh? got permission to ponteng I still enter class. xD

Second Day,
same as the first day, went to school first. But Bernard was looking for me before class starts. Guess what? Chiang Teik and Boon Hui haven't arrive!!! How are we gonna go to the workshop? All we can do was waited. And Chiang Teik did not enter class cause he can't wake up. Deep eh? Actually he was up until 4am trying to master popfly.

When we enter the lab, the computer are still laggy like the first day. Everyone was intense, cause from 9am, it's a competition! We try and try and try to load our game. We are able to do so for the first hour. But after that, every computer shows an error like this:

The connection has timed out? What does that suppose to mean?

Before this, we are only facing the browser error, which requires the user to close the browser!!! closing it!!! all work unsave!!! GONE!!! I tried installing Mozilla Firefox 3, but its only a limited account. So I downloaded the portable version. Still the error continues... We complained and complained...

Then only they transfer us to the internet lab here...
A pic from Alvin Ng's blog. Paiseh ar Alvin...
Forgot to take a pic of the lab

To our surprise, the line here is way better. So another theory proven:
Internet line provided for students = lame / laggy
Internet line charged = top condition

Without further delays, we started our work. Erm... Chiang Teik started our work, cause they only allow 2 person use a computer. And how does 2 person share a computer?

Chiang Teik finding entertainment during work (notice the headset?)

Quit moving around will ya?

Guess who is next to us?

Even with the quick internet line, we are unable to save the game!!! what the heck? that's why i don't trust MSN. After the competition, ate lunch. the lunch was fried rice with a fried egg! Not enough, so i buy extra rice, the food there is quite nice... But I went home with a sore throat. At the canteen, we saw some creepy looking people walking about. What I meant by creepy is that they put 'blood' and 'ghost powder' all over them. Then they are like the DJs announcing that, that day is SUPERNATURAL DAY!!! creepy... After lunch, went up another room...

another pic from Alvin Ng's blog. muahahah... pic stealer

Well, we went up early, so we camwhored...

check out the trio....

Now here is a the same pic, just taken using Alvin's camera instead of my hp
results: A phone's camera can never outmatch a professional camera

wuuu... shiny trophies...

Not long after Mr. Yeap's arrival, the lady talks. Showing us some presentation introducing KDU, then she announce the winners...

the confusion, cause they are the champion!!! not the 2nd runner up. She even admitted it was a human error. xD

Prize giving...

Picture taking...

And group picture taking...

More group pictures...

And the prize winners...
Neat eh? I'm also in it. All thanks to Chiang Teik, but we still think that if the line is not laggy. We can make it way better....

picture of our RM 300 winners (both RM300)
haiz... I forgot to take a pic like this with Chiang Teik

You can play the game Alvin and Pheng Kern designed during the competition here

Brought this baby home...
Thanks Chiang Teik...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wonderful Monday indeed...

Today is Monday guys!!!! usually I'll have the Monday blues, but not today! Cause I finally got my hands on the 'I'm the Survivor' event!!!! muahahaha... At last the web page was not as useless at all. I contacted the webmaster I think... And requested the form.

As easy as that, they sent me the form just now! in just 2 days time!!! nice... And I'm just in time... Question is, will my dad allow me to go? that's another problem. FOr those who are having trouble finding the form for the event. Here are some particulars and the form:

Organized by: GBBM Penang Branch
I'm the Survivor

First day (Preliminary Stage)
Date: 12 July 2008
Time: 7.00am to 4.30pm
Venue: Basketball Court, Esplanade, Penang
second day (Final Stage)
Date: 13 July 2008
Time: 8.00am to 8.00pm
Venue: New World Park, Penang

page 1

page 2
[Please click to enlarge and right click to save]

Another thing today I'm not blue is simply because I'm only attending one period tomorrow!!! muahahaha... will be walking around in KDU. hope to get many many pictures tomorrow!
The schedule for tomorrow:


24th June 2008
9am – 5pm~ Computer Exhibition Fair 2008

~ KDU Students Project Exhibition & Competition

~ Secondary School Games Workshop!

~ Technology Talk

~ Information Technology Literacy Workshop

25th June 2008
9am – 5pm

~ Computer Exhibition Fair 2008

~ Secondary Schools Games Design Competition

26th June 2008
9am – 12noon~ KDU Factory Visit

Source: KDU webpage

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A beautiful saturday

No need to meet the teacher, no activities, no homework (but studies still remains). Most of all there are many events that I'm interested to go today. haiz... too bad i dunno know the ninja technique 'Kage bunshi no jutsu'

If not I shall be able to make it to all these places. Places I would like to go:

~ School to record what the Lagger has to say to each parents
~ 爱心大厦义卖会
~ 圣心义卖会
~ USM science fair (which I made it there)
~ Taekwondo tournament

I just can't believe they are so many events lately. For example:

~ KDU Technology fair next tuesday and wednesday
~ SMK Bukit Jambul food fair 6/7/2008
~ Pu Ti food fair 29/6/2008
~ I'm the Survivor program (still can't get my hands on the application form yet!! ARGH.....)

I'm definite got not enough time to study already. And I'm still going to 'activities'? What am I thinking? I really don't feel like studying! I need somebody that can control me, force me to study willingly, I need a gf!!! xD not advertising, just speaking out what I've been keeping to myself all the time.

Went to USM this noon from 3.30pm to 6pm, even tough the agreed time was 4pm, I made it at 3.30pm because my dad is busy later. I was half an hour early! Bo huat... Entered the Muzium dan Pameran Tunku Fauziah and looked everywhere of the place. But I felt something awkward. There are no booths here! It's a science fair right? I thought students are suppose to stand by their table presenting their project. Thinking of that, there are no students too. Am I in the wrong place? Went outside and take a look, my eyes definitely did not betrayed me. The spellings are identical. Went in, It's just like a museum, things behind glasses and descriptions of them. I'm feeling stupid by the moment. Went to the other end, guess what? I only saw stupid paintings. I was like regretting I still got 2 hours and I'm suppose to stare at paintings? I hate art galleries!!!

Then I see people going up the stairs, but those are children. Maybe there's a nursery up there? If its actually a nursery after I've gone up there, then I'm like KOed big ko ko is here. xD but standing here doesn't solve the mystery. So I went up the stairs. Thank god, I'm in the right place. Come to think of it, why didn't I just open my heavy mouth and ask? xD so stupid of me.

Walked around the booths, reading their reports. Then I saw an entry from my school. WTH? It's last year's project! The one done by form six students. I was like disappointed. Some projects done by other group are very simple and already exist and some are just impossible and a waste of money. Later, I went to check if Julin has arrived, that's when I met Mr. Chong there. Of all places... haiz... I guess it can't be helped if he is the teacher on duty to watch over our school's project member - Adam Wong Eu Heng. (A bigger surprise)

Talked to Mr. Chong about SPBT activities. Then Julin showed up, guess what? she called Mr. Chong uncle. xD I was laughing in my heart. He is only in his early 30s xD She even thought that Mr. Chong is my dad. But Julin is not the only person. Adam and the other guy from CLHS Butterworth too asked me the same question. Escaped from Mr. Chong and went upstairs with Julin.

I know she really looked forward to it and she planned to come on Friday but postponed her trip because I can't make it. Yet again, I never imagine she came loaded with 'bullets'. She 'shot dead' all the exhibitors, except for the CLHS Butterworth's they responded to her every question with satisfying answers. But for the Al Mashor (Perempuan), the form 3 girls are totally beyond the dead. xD The exhibitors are presenting the project in a senior's place, naturally she did not even experienced the project herself. So she didn't know the process and the principle of the project. Besides the project was about 'Solar Oven', using convex lens to diverge the sunlight into the chamber to cook the food. Which is a form 4 syllabus. Julin asked every single details until both of the exhibitors are unable to answer. But I still pity the guys from MSRM, they were about to take their leave about 5.25pm. The exhibitor was not clear with his words and ended up in a confusion. The teachers were sitting by the side waiting for the 'customer' to leave. She totally have no knowledge about F1.

Actually she didn't asked question so that they will feel embarrassed. She asked so that she can understand the project better, during the process it'll definitely help the exhibitors to present better in the future. We ended up learning a lot of things today. Glad that I make it. Guess that's about it. =)


Death is a part of life. It is the end of ones journey, quest or destiny in life. Death is unavoidable, death is painful and sorrowful. However, everyone MUST go through this process. Those that doesn’t are known as god. Only becoming god you shall escape from such suffering.

There are multiple types and of death. There are those who can’t wait to die and just end their lives right here right now (suicide cases), there are the ones that have lived long enough to pick a fight to die (gangsters), some who would like to put their life on the line for something useless (illegal racing, drugs and etc), those whose time is up (old age) and leave the world, some who leaves the world painfully (sickness) and the most scariest of them all… SUDDEN DEATH!!! You are not warned not knowing that what is going to happen next. Just like the incident of the Tsunami the hit Malaysia on the 24th of December 2004. Countless of lives are lost during that few minutes. Being washed away, smashed by the force of the waves and etc. They do not wish for that and definitely they never thought a trip to the beach for a picnic can end up disastrous. Not knowing that such an enormous wave can happen after a small earthquake (felt in Malaysia). But still, we have to face it. As it is the cycle of life, when you are born, you are destined to die at some point of your live, nobody lives forever except god.

Just like the other day, after school I was waiting for the uncle on the motorcycle that sells candy, comics, magazines, trading cards and etc waiting for his arrival so that i can buy some sweets that I have missed over the holidays. But since school started, He never showed up. I ask a few friends of mine, did he get another job? Where is he? I need to buy some candy, if not Esther will have a charcoal face. (just kidding, not like she is that ‘small gas’) Then I was told that: “If you see him, you are in big trouble, because he passed away.”

I was like: “WHAT? Don’t say other people like that lar. He had never crossed your path, why would you curse him?”

Then another guy told me that he saw in the article that he died in an accident during the holidays. It is even on the news. I stared at them for a while, then I said: “If that is true then I can’t buy candy from him anymore?” cause only he had that type of sweet, I’ve never spotted such candy sold anywhere else. It was just like yesterday that I bought his candy and now no more, forever gone, even his shady spot is parked by another uncle now. He died in an accident during the holidays! How? It is so sudden, luckily I’m barely know him.

Another friend of mine, Benjamin. His dog just passed away a few days ago. According to him it was just going to sleep, then the next thing they knew is, it does not wake. And its not breathing anymore. His dog was very obedient and she lived with them for many years now. I barely know the dog, but at least I know it does a good job, cause it always bark at me when I'm near his house xD Death is unavoidable, no matter to human or animal.

I took a picture of this lizard just now when I was walking the dogs. A road kill!

Life is precious, so live meaningfully and you won’t regret when your time comes…

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The lesson I've learned today

The class placings are out, guess what?
I'm not in it this time. YEAH!!! time for a big big big celebration! If you didn't get what I meant, I'll explain here: The class have 42 pupils, after each exams, the placings are what we seek the most as it is a comparison in between us. But the school would like to increase all our standards by meeting the parents if the pupil gets a 22> placing in class. However, this is only applied for the B classes. Which I'm in one of it. In A classes, the pupil's parents are not required to meet the class teacher. But for the C classes, all the students will be meeting the form teacher.

When such an activity is organized, I would always hope that I'm 'safe'. Without luck, my wish doesn't come through each year, till today. Actually its was me that is not hardworking each time. xD but for the parent's day this Saturday, It's different! I'm safe!!! i got the 20th placing in the class. Not very good but barely safe. But still I'm free this Saturday!!! xD anybody want to go Queensbay? just kidding...

Another thing happened to day in school that touched me deeply. I'm do not get good results for my language subjects (except english, still acceptable but still not satisfying). My BM teacher had always reminded me to start studying now and then. However, our class had never shown a little initiative to study for the upcoming SPM papers, including me. XP For the past exam, I flunked my BM paper a few times, but each time teacher Kang Kul Lee will point out my every mistakes (as she would to other students), as she knows we would not read it. =) However, that is not the only thing she did, today she torn exercises from her own reference book! Calling each weak students out and gave each of us (I'm one of them) a different sheet! She did not collect money for the book! She did this for she wanted us to do better, when we have shown her we have no interest! This is a responsible teacher! She will be the teacher I admire from now on...

She is chinese and we would definitely be able to communicate better in Chinese, but when she entered our class for the first day, she spoke to us using BM. She chosen to only speak BM to us to make us get used to talking BM and this will somehow help improve our BM. She was so convincing that I even thought she is a 香蕉人 (a person that doesn't know his/her race's language). But I was proven wrong.

And thus, I shall do my very best for my future and to not let anyone down! Especially ME!!! Wish me luck...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This lyric is not for you, It's just the description of my feeling now. =)

Lyrics: Daniel Powter - Bad Day lyrics

Where is the moment where I need you the most
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost
They tell me your blue sky's faded to grey
They tell me your passion's gone away
And I don't need no carrying on

Stand in the line just ahead of the law
You're faking a smile with the coffee you go
You tell me your life's been way off line
You're falling to pieces everytime
And I don't need no carrying on

Cause you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day
You had a bad day

Well you need a blue sky holiday
The point is they laugh at what you say
And I don't need no carrying on

You had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day

Sometimes the system goes on the blink and the whole thing it turns out
You might not make it back and you know that you could be well oh that
Well I'm not wrong

So where is the passion when you need it the most
Oh you and I
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost

Cause you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day
You had a bad day
You had a bad day

And here is the song
Bad Day - Daniel Powter

Miracles do happen

Attention! today is the day to set your records!!! by downloading Mozilla Firefox 3 of course.
Well, I did download it just for the fun of "participating" in the Guinness World Record. But the program actually works faster and more user friendly! so don't hesitate to install it. It's only takes up 7mb. Only a bit larger than a mp3 file. Sacrifice a song for a free program. Now isn't that interesting?

Today at school, the most hilarious thing happened. A new teacher entered our class to replace Ong Chin Hua's class. Usually we would just ignore the teacher and carry on with our noise. However, this teacher is not ordinary, simply because she's a new face. An Indian teacher! haha... after Premalata has left, Chia Wei have no mood on fooling anybody's class anymore. The class shouted and scream when she enters. I don't know the details why did such pollution exist in the first place.
Ok, back to the topic. The reason I would post something like this because... That damn teacher gave me a stupid nickname and I've decided to hate her and not try to know her at all. shit her. I was totally framed.

Then later, another miracle happened. Chia Wei as the class graduation magazine class editor. Had problems with some non cooperative students in the class. These students did not write their 感言 which is a comment or last words for the school. And thus Chia Wei being pissed of getting them to write the comment. He said: "谁还没有交感言德不用毕业". At the very moment he said 不用毕业, thunder struck, as if he is saying something wrong. xD the whole class even laughed at him

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The yearly durian season is ending in Penang. I bet eveyone knows what is a durian right? Well, If you don't. Here is one:

However I do not know about the other states, but this year Penang is having a small season. Haiz... It is definitely a sad thing for a big durian fan like me.

Small amount of durian = less durian I get to eat

I remember a year where people give us durian and we even got durian from my grandma's house. So we ended up with too much durians and we have to keep some in the refrigerator

Durian are categories to many different types and species, the popular ones are the ang hair, ko liam and etc. But something like this:

We call it 'zhu hut' in hokkien which means for single. And when u see such durian, it is definitely a delicious wan. As you can see all sides does not have other durians.

If you are really not familiar with this fruit. For example, how do u eat it? Of course open it, but then again how? The torns is everywhere!!! simple... open it with a knife

use the knife to slit open the joints and then use your bare hands to open it further

Then for the eating part, no need to teach gua. XD

Just open your mouth, eat and spit the seed. xD
remember to spit the seed!!! the seed is damn big!

OK, here is the tip I want to share with all of you. Does your finger smells like durian after eating? And did you notice that the smell is really hard to get rid of. Or have you experienced a fever after eating durian? Its rare, but sometimes it does happens!! It is because durian (King of all fruits) is very 'hot' as a chinese would say. And therefore we might fall sick when our body is too 'hot'

To get rid of the stench

wash your hands with the water running in the shell

or on the outer shell. THe chemical contain their will be able to help reduce the smell, but not completely vanishing it.

TO keep your body healthy,

again let the water (drinking water) run on the inner shell of the durian shell. Need not to say, please make sure the shell is clean lar. Then sieve the water in a glass just like in the pic.

or you can drink from the shell itself!!

Here are the durian for 3 people

remember to get rid of the seeds and the shell properly

if not. You'll have a durian smell house xD

And here is a picture of one of my dogs enjoying durian. Even dogs love durians!!!

And that's all. Have fun eating durian!

Friday, June 13, 2008

My comeback

Its been like... a week? i stop blogging? And what happened?

my views per day dropped 50%!!! from 20 to 8 or 9 per day!!! wth?

It can't be blamed. haiz... I was struggling to increase the daily views to get qualified for a simple advertisement from nuffnang. looks like all hope is gone. xD no matter. I shall be back on this task after the SPM (which I myself seriously doubted).


Hmm... school started on Monday (of course lar, abo Tuesday ar?)
Everyone had fun during the holidays. However many are upset that the holidays have ended (expected). People in my class are starting to get mad as they use the bamboo and rotans left by the scout and play! WHen i say PLAY, I meant PLAY!!! they are caning each other, tearing the bamboo apart with bare hands. Whipping the door with the rotan until the rotan is slitted into hundreds of pieces (OK maybe i exaggerated). You get my point. Me and Strain was planning to bring them home, but the other guys have to destroy it on the spot.

And we get most of the results in Monday d. Some does not appear so badly, some are expected and of course some are out of my imagination! I passed BC!!! when i think i could fail, I passed it!!!

Here are some equations

no school = no homework,
got school = homework,

holiday = no homework right?


Holiday = more homework and projects

just that nobody remembers it

My point is, when people should finish their projects in the holidays, they didn't. They have to wait till when school reopened to start "doing" it. xD I wanted to pass up on Monday itself, but the stupid teacher say to pass up with the others. What the hell? then my project will lose originality d lor? bo huat lar, this time of teacher chin cai wan. SO i also cin cai lar. They wanna copy let them lar. haiz...


ermm... Monday i brought a dead grasshopper to school, a specimen to be precise. And some of the guys saw it. hand it to teacher on Tuesday.

Boring assembly, I bet not more than 20% of the students listened to what the principal have to say. haiz... and the principal asked the student to cooperate with the school to help reduce the use of electricity due to the rise of cost. xD nobody listened! how to follow? then the funniest report is that, the principal even said that when he went to school during the holidays. One of the warden traffic (form 1) didn't allow him to enter the school grounds because there is an activity. hahaha... the hall was fill with laughter. The principal cannot enter the school? a student stopping the principal from entering the school? now that is funny. Who doesn't recognize the principal wan? haiyo... xD


some guy in the class have to bring a cockroach to school, they played with it in a Tupperware, throw it around, tossing it, using it to frighten some people and even feeding it! Such childish people. Can't be blamed, side effects due to the results we got. And then the most interesting thing happened. They played with the cockroach during AM class. Lagger is just starting to discuss the exam paper and many people start to shout! Can u believe it? guys, afraid of a little bug!!! the bug seems to be on the loose, I bet due to playing its life again. The teacher saw it and asked Lee Huai to step it. But Lee Huai is not able to as it is like our pet now. It even has a name!!! its name is 小强 xD we are asking the cockroach not to die! don't give up and etc. in the end, the owner kicked it out of the class and thrown it out. Finally freedom! but i still think he should still kill it, its a pest what... why let it live?


got most of our results. Very satisfied with most of them and my Moral has an improvement of 150%!!! and its 54% only. xD cause last time 18% only. but still i failed moral. Just like what i like to say. Students with high moral marks does not have moral, but those with low moral marks are often the ones with moral. BECAUSE they did not cheat!!! just as simple as that.


Many have hoped this day would not come, cause... its the deadline for the moral project! however, many have finish binding their projects nicely, with biodata and penghargaan etc. I didnt have any of those. Thanks again to our steam teacher. Cause He never mentioned of anything like that and he even said that just bind the kerja amal and tugasan harian will do. So, I don't care....

so fast and only 175 days are left until the SPM. haiz... is it to late to revise now? some would ask.



It's never too late! SO do your best and don't regret it later!

will put on some more post that I've prepared but did not have the time to post it XP
and I've got some more photos and video clip for the sports day. YEAH!!! eventough its late. xD

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Its just like reading a book. and after closing it, everything is over. Its like a blink of an eye and the 2 weeks holidays is over!!! wth? i've planned and planned and planned. planned to study! but what did I do? I wasted the 2 weeks time on facebook, blog and friendster. Oh well, what is gone is gone. no point regretting, just make sure you don't repeat it in the future. Did I mention? my project is not finished and today is trhe last day!!! Looks like I won't be updating for sometime, now that school gonna reopen I won't be able to online. Oh well, It doesn't make a difference. I don't have anygody that view my page anyway. Hope I can find the time to put up the skin, mp3 code and the new layout design. haiz.. so much to do so little time

Thursday, June 5, 2008


These few days are the worst days of my life.
I've never experienced anything like this before,
Projects not done, studies didn't go as planned, relationship failure, bored, hp no credit, holiday is coming to an end and most of all nobody to chat with (trying not to online).

Hurting someone is bad enough, but comforting someone is even worse cause i have no talent at all for that matter.

The other day, I was staring at my hp. waiting for a reply. I'm unable to do anything (since my hp got no credit...) I'm in the wrong here. I know! but what can I do? NOTHING!!! that's what, unless I can change the past. There's nothing much I can do. Hurting someone once is bad enough (I know that), Hurting for the second time leaves a deep mark. I can't even study properly the other day. The book was opened! and my eyes were staring at the words again again. Reading the same line repetitively. All I can do was waiting for a sms. But my hp failed me, giving me no hope at all, disappointed me and broke my spirit. It was like I've wasted my time there reading but another agenda was happening in my mind. Thinking of what I could have done or What I should have done in that situation. Should I've been such a busy body? or should I just leave our lives alone? Not resolving this issue is not beneficial. But I have to live on... haiz... live is full of surprizes and sorrows...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Attention Drivers and motorists!!!

From today 12am onwards. The price of fuel per liter no longer cost RM1.98. Instead it will be cost at RM2.70. A RM0.72 hike!!! fill your vehicle with full tank today!!! and remember to but any groceries needed today!!! Food and etc which includes transports will experience an increase of price!

Original article
Petrol to cost RM2.70 from midnight

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Wednesday announced price hikes for petrol, diesel and electricity.

He said the new price for petrol is RM2.70 a litre, effective midnight tonight. The price goes up by 78sen from the current RM1.92, a hike of 40%.

Abdullah also announced that the price of diesel would be increased by RM1 from RM1.58 to RM2.58.

He also said that Tenaga Nasional Bhd would be raising electricity rates by 18% for homes and 26% for business users.

The announcements are part of the new fuel subsidy plan.

Abdullah also announced a RM625 annual cash rebate per vehicle, for owners of private vehicles with engine capacities of up to 2,000cc, as well as pickup trucks and jeeps with engine capacities of up to 2,500cc.

Owners of private motorcycles with engine capacities of up to 250cc will receive RM150.

Payment will be made via Money Order upon renewal of road tax, from July 1.

For owners of private vehicles with engine capacities exceeding 2000cc, road tax will be reduced by RM200.

Owners of private motorcycles with engine capacities above 250 cc will get RM50 reduction in road tax.

Information retrive from The Star

CLHS SPBT Club 1st Annual Traning Camp

2nd of June (Monday)
It's a very historical event to the SPBT club of CLHS and the AJKs that have been working their ass off are looking forward to it. (of course I'm included) Even tough there were multiple obstacles, re planning and meetings we have finally pulled it off. And  here we are, at school as early as 6.30am gathered to prepare the necessary stuffs. I've reached there exactly 6.30am. Then I walked with Khye Jie to the Ron dayvoo point (3TC3). Due to the darkness, I was creep out to see nobody can be seen. And naturally afraid. As there were many many many ghost stories told. Seeing there was nobody at the agreed place. We headed to the basketball court which have the lights on. To my surprise, there they were. I even thought that I was the first to arrive. hahaha... ya right... 

Picture of Zhong Ven, Watson & Chen Kwok taken on the basketball court. But you'll definitely not able to see the difference xD

Khye Jie, the first aid and photographer of the day

Prepared by Wei Wan. Thx... only used it once. Thank god

Some of the form 3 organizing committiee

more committee

Chia Sen (Organizing Secretary) & Goh Wei Chung (Organizing Chairman) checking the souvenirs for the teacher advisor

Xun Huan one of the Esco (i don't know why did he even bring his lappy? @.@)

When the sky is brighter, we headed to the classrooms which we have applied for. And the first thing I see is this

The router was not in its place!! Where did it go? Stolen? Removed for repairs? maybe, maybe not

Just to kill time, Jia Jun (my secretary) using Xun Huan's lappy

Some of the early birds

more pictures...

And guess what? An uninvited guest sleeping near our class. We can smell it a few classes away. Pheww... yucks... even my DOGS doesn't smell that bad

When we got nothing to do, we get bored right?
Here are some ESCO dozing into mid air

Phoon Zhong Ven (Ketua Biro Seliaan)

Yap Wai Kay (Ketua Disiplin) He is not wearing out club T-shirt and he is wearing slippers. What the heck?

The organizing Chairman, Goh Wei Chung. Without him, the camp will definitely fall apart

Looks like Khye Jie found something better to do. BASKETBALL!!!

Scouts moving their Pheonix
Looks like we are not the only ones with activity going on...

Then at 8am, the opening ceremony.

Noticed something? the fan is not moving!!! No electricity for the whole day ar!!

After the opening ceremony, it's the 2 hours training course and I'm the speaker!

adding the 'music' produced by the orchestra, things get even 'better'

I had to speak louder to make them hear me.

After the bla bla bla, still got around... 110minutes to go. Ya it took only 10 minutes to finish the course xD. So, to kill time we played some of the classic interact games.

memorizing the names

(the camera man is sleeping or the camera is useless. haiz...)

without edit and this is what you get. haiz... its my camera some more.

We also played the number game, which is pretty lame. But that is what I can think of on the spot. xD Then some students suggested the classic eagle catch the chicks game. I modified the game and bit and they started playing. The special conditions are that all the members are distributed to 6 teams and these 6 teams shall fight each other!! the mother chicken will try to snatch the chicks of the other mother chicken and thus increasing the amount of chicks he owns. xD I know this is a childish game

But they ended up having fun... hmm...

At last there is the final 3 teams eliminated from 6 teams
Later one of the leader thinks the game is meaningless. And thus he given up.

And that leaves 2 teams remaining. In the end there are no results in such situation. So it is proceeded to a rock paper scissors game.

But the weightage is heavy. The leaders losses in one round, the losing leader will have to give 5 of his chicks (members) to the opposing force. And thus, it ended quickly.

The losing leader are punished to do squatting 10 times holding 5 textbooks on their hands!

Thye Liang is being sporting

But Kah Teik is hesitating

The form 4 leader that given up during the game

The second place

Here are pictures of punishment for losing in the number game

pumping twice (hahaha... it was meant to be easy)

sit up

Then we all head out to the station games. Which we look forward! yeah...
There are 6 stations in total and here are some pictures...

An ESCO trying out the game

Erm... being bullied? xD

more like the 3 blind mice XD

members are blindfolded and required to walk the path full with mines. Once the mine is touched, another stationer will shoot the member with water. xD

the track...

In this game, members are distanced from the table and the member must only use his mouth to get the sweet or sweet wrapper out of the container containing the flour

pretty mouth you got there xD

However, this game seems a bit easy

In this game, members according to turns are required to search for the pass scroll (toilet paper) to proceed to the next task. But its similar to finding a needle in a needle stack xD cause the box contains about 50+ toilet rolls!!! xD

Wow... I even caught the 'scroll' rolling out of the box

Once they cleared the scroll searching task, they are required to use the 'scrolls' to pass the marble on.

The marble got stucked half the way i suppose?

And finally, my station! Muahahah... members that came here, complained its the worst game ever. Wanna know why? Read on

This is the overview of the shooting range

The area between the stick and the plastic bag is 1 mark, while the plastic is worth 2 marks. Each team are require to get 5 marks. And each person have to shoot them. If one of their members missed and the total is 4 instead of 5 they'll have to shoot again until they get 5 marks.

Now, what to shoot? a seed from a pile of shit. muahahaha... each members are required to put in their hand hand into the pile of shit (asam) and grab a seed out. Then the seed is located in the mouth to be spitted. But before spitting the seeds. Members are required to answer 2 general knowledge questions. if they get 2 questions correct, they are allowed to choose the way they spit. only 1 question correct, the member is required to kneel down and spit. but if none are correct, then the member have to be like below:


The frog spitting style!

The last team the arrive is given an extra task, and that is, using the shit to form a love on the plastic bag.

working hard and working together, they get this:

A shit love xD

Then. they all headed back to the OC room and rest. Then lunch is given to everybody.

Justin is clever enough to buy additional drinks

chit chatting while eating! do you know you may get gastric like that?

Choong Yen avoiding the camera!

As for the ESCOs, a special drink is prepared! xD

After lunch, all the members are to regroup back to the OC room. And the interview session begins. The Interview session is held by me, Aaron, Jia Jun and Miss Khoo Phaik Yueh. The morning class students gt it off easily, but the afternoon class students was like tortured!! kolian nia... form 1, form 2 only got tortured like this. During the interview session, the others are playing basketball and some were chit chatting outside! In short, separated! what the heck?

After the interview, all the members are regrouped in the OC room once more. To kill time, Wei Chung started asking their opinions of the games.

Some of the ESCO got bored and mad that they started blowing the gloves!! that are meant for medical uses.

And this is what we got. An ESCO posting in front of the camera

And that is the last of posting

Then, its the closing ceremony! souveniers are given to Miss Khoo Phaik Yueh and Mr Chong

Teacher, please look here lar...

Mr Chong's picture was lost during the transition. pai seh ar...

Dude... don't shake your head too hard lar.

And we also lost a picture due to technical difficuties. pai seh...

A picture of the winning team and the task fullfiling team.

Taken this pic while leaving the school, and he immediately turn his face the other wway pulak... so uncooperative

and is Khye Jie

And that ends the day... the attendance was very bad (1/10 of the members was present), but only a student was hurt with minor injuries. A smaller group of people is atualy easier to control and everyone was happy and they enjoyed themselves. So we can say that the event is successful!