Sunday, April 26, 2009

Than Hsiang Food Fair 2009

Its the Than Hsiang annual Food Fair!!! This year my parents are having a stall there again, just that this time, Its much larger than the one we had years ago. 3 stalls!!! But its not as easy as moving stocks to your stall and sell them on the very day. 

There were a lot of preparations to do!!!

Last night, we had family friends over to help out with the labeling. 

Here we have the Mah Family! Mr Mah and Mrs. Mah and the guy in the white shirt is my brother

Mah Jih Liang pasting the price tags

The Ng family packing chilli sauce and black sugar syrup

The mother, Mrs. Ng

Chiu Tsann...

anf Terrance, he wanted me to take this pic. xD

My mom

We were done labeling at 10pm. With this many manpower, we manage to finish all the above in an hour. Quite fast if you ask me

After all the preparations, we reach Than Hsiang at 7.30pm to set up the stall, arrange and move the stocks.

Red bean soup, homemade beancurd and 'Kee Chang' (my mom was up all night till 2am to steam those)

Vegetarian meat Fibre, vegetarian Chicken leg, vegetarian 'sambal hebe' and vegetarian 'ikan bilis'

These are books donated by a book supplier and are sold as RM1 while the cost is actually RM3.90

These are also toys and notebooks donated by the book supplier

This is my dad's Thit Ta Alcohol (use to apply on blueblack areas, work wonders!!), and my mom's garbage enzyme (use for waching)

Before its 9am (the actual purchasing time starts), there's a lady and his standard 1 son. Her mom spotted the exercise books for sale. And surely, nobody likes to be told to do homework when they expect to have fun and the day off. The kid started whining!!! He kicks and hit his mother as she was choosing the exercise books. To keep him quiet, the mother told him she's buying for other people. Only then he settles down momentarily, but later he notice it was for him and he hits his mom harder, kids these days are really wild. I myself will not like it, but I won't hit my mom or even protest in public.

Around 9 something, the place starts to pack up

Stall 22 was watched over by Meredy and her boy

Stall 21 by dad's friend,  my brother and Hooi Chern. (She manage to escape from the camera. Hmm...)

Stall 20 by Mrs Mah, the 2 maids, Auntia Lau Mi Mi and my mom

Guess what? 

we have a 卖花少年 and 

少女 this year!!! xD

Jih Liang was taking pictures, I wonder how many did he took? Hmm...

Just look at the crowd, every table are full! 

Here's the Than Ling plants area, watched over by Yong Wei and others.

Believe it or not? RM15 per pot, but they manage to finish it all at 1pm!!

A small discussion by Zhao Min and her brother

The amount of coupons stall 22 get!!!

The busy situation, before backups arrives

Bought this little guy, Bloo for RM2 only!!

Here we have Jin Mei and Wei Fang as this year's MC

Flipping here, flipping there... xD

Around 12.40pm, Zuga and Adrian finally arrives the fair

The quite popuar Ice Kacang

After Zuga finish taking pictures downstairs, we went to the 5th floor. As I heard there's a function on the 5th floor, to my surprise, its empty. Oh well, we sat down by the side and chat. While waiting for the Balik Pulau NS candidates to arrive, which I heard they're arriving at 2pm. 

Zuga checking the photos he took earlier

Around 1.45pm, I urge the guys to head down to wait, but that's when we heard noise from the stairs. We took a look and.... People in blue shirt were walking up the stairs!!! And to our surprise, we saw Kenny!!! Not much of a surprise as we were there to see Kenny.

Quit moving!!! Hahaha.... Really excited to see him again. This time he have nothing to hide his botak head

This picture was meant to have Adrian in the picture. xD

Around 1.30pm, we are sold out. Even though the food fair ends at 3pm, but we don't have anything to sell and the crowd dispersed. And so we close our stall and head home.

Before saying goodbye to Than Hsiang, just look at the car park!! Full house!!!

Its already quite empty here

Didn't manage to take pictures of all the helpers at our stall today, especially that tricky Hooi Chern. xD I guess we did have fun. I know I did! Next year, I'll be taking out my old toys. xD Shh....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

28th of March - Sorry Earth...

It was Earth day that day, sadly I did not turn off the lights. Cause I was at work. Didn't notice the time pass by as we were super busy on weekends. Despite short of staff, everybody are rushing like mad.

Sorry Earth, I sincerely apologize. But I heard they said Queensbay did cooperate and turned off the main lights for an hour? Don't ask me about it, I was working. Hehehe...

27 of March - ate a RM5.90 ice cream, was it worth it?

The other day had another split shift or you could say a 3 hours break. I've watched all the interesting movies available at GSC. So, decided to try the sorbet during my break

Tadaa... the Island Way sorbet stall in Jusco

Here's a list of the price. Hehehe... really don't have anything specific to do that time

Bought the orange sorbet,

cause Janet said it was nice. Wanna try it out if its true. Took some picture with Chai Zhen's Niu Niu (牛牛). Isn't he cute? Hahaha... Sadly he doesn't have a mouth and a digestive system

Now that I think of it, a cow eating an orange isn't logic. Hahaha...

20th of March - Sending the guys to NS

That day, had a full shift of 12pm to 4 pm, then from 7pm to 11pm again. Despite the long hours, I still woke up early in the morning and made it to PISA. Took off at 9.o0am, on the road buses that sends candidates to NS are spotted.

Here is one of them:

The reason I'm at PISA and everyone (that's around my age) are doing there

After I got there, I have no clue where to go meet up with Zuga. I can only contact Zuga, as I did not inform the others I'm going. It was suppose to be a surprise for Kenny, Lee Huai and Chia Wei. So, took a few pictures before I meet up with them.

Buses are parked inside of PISA, just waiting for the chosen candidates to get on.

Look at the crowd, there were many RELA officers there to help organizing

The hut where candidates must register with before heading to their bus to upload their luggage

Here is one of the bus that's heading to Bukit Mertajam. If I'm not mistaken, there were almost 4 buses heading to Bukit Mertajam.

After calling Zuga a few times, finally got him on the line. He told me the location and headed to where Zuga, Kenny and Adrian is. Besides Kenny, Jian Thyn was also on the same bus.

Pictures of the guys:

Jian Thyn refusing to show the camera his botak head (He go shave himself, so that it looks better than the people that shaves their head), the person behind was Adrian

Kenny (There's a K on his neck, I have a J too!!! Yeah... xD)

err... Don't know why he close his eyes...

After finish talking to Kenny and Jian Thyn, Zuga, Adrian and I went inside again to find Chia Wei, Still steaming looking as ever!!! xD

It was almost time for the bus to leave and I've already met and said goodbye to everyone i know, so, just sat by the stairs and wait for time to pass by

It was already 9.21am, but some were just arriving. (The leaving time stated on the letter was 9.30am)

Looks like they are bring pails there.

Adrian and Zuga

The first bus to leave PISA

and here goes Kenny and Jian Thyn's bus

Bye Guys....

After that, I didn't follow Zuga and Adrian for breakfast. Cause my dad was fetching me to the bank to make an account for my salary. And guess what? I get a Debit card!!! Yeah... now i can shop online!! xD

Then after, went to work as usual