Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve Hotel Stay 2008!!! (24/12/08-25/12/08)

Last year, Wei Xiang organized a similar hotel stay. Just that, Wei Xiang booked a room at Gurney Hotel. I didn't joined them due to work. Sad isn't it? So, I don't wanna miss it this year!!! And here we are...

The Hotel... Guess where is it?

If you said G Hotel,

Then you're right!!! xD

The Christmas tree located in the middle of the lobby

I was the first to reach G Hotel that day, which is about 11am. Sitting there beside an orange light for half an hour. Then Chia Wei shown up, followed by Kenny, Zuga and Hong Yong.

Hong Yong, Chia Wei (in white) and Kenny (wearing white with black outer coat)

Then, she joined us at the lobby. Talking, waiting for Zuga's dad, so that we can check in.

Zuga in red, Hong Yong beside. (This pic was taken by her)

Siao Lang-kun with the bag, Kenny and Aaron acting gay... Yucks... luckily they're acting

Lee Huai in black, Hong Yong hiding behind the pillow and Chia Wei in white

Zuga... charming isn't he? xD sweat...

Carolyn's Elephant, call 'Little Steam'!!! xD She wants to charge me RM10 for this picture!! Crazy talk...

Me posing with Little Steam!!! xD

Almost 12pm, we've finally got our hands on the room key, but still the girl's room are not ready yet! So slow, in the end we waited until 3pm only we get the keys. In the meantime...


The guys room, 1613!!!

The pool from the hallway

Can you see a white shirt guy on the other end? That's where our room is!!!

They're still cleaning the room when we are already going up our room! Such speed!!!

The cupboard located near the door, refrigerator, water, glasses, water boiler, nescafe and etc.

When I went up in the room, the guys had already getting used to the room!!!

Look... They've started playing the PS2 they brought there!!!

Bazett VS Caster, from the game 'Fate Stay Night'

The guys...

On the left was, Siao Lang-kun's laptop and on the right was Kenny's. The signal there was very very very very low!!! and its very very very very slow!!!

By the end of the table, there is the phone, name card, table light and phone... (Oops... the phone was Siao Lang-kun's not Ghotel. xD)

In the other room, we have the Queen size bed!!!

A radio, ashtray, remote (for the second tv), notepad and telephone by the bed

The tv located in the second room

The toilet basin!!! Look at the size!!!

2 face towels, 2 glasses and 3 black botel thingy

The bath tub!!! Look at it, you can see through the wall!!! How can you soak bath in privacy??

In the end, nobody dare to try this bathtub... Sad... Me and Chong Tze even filled the bathtub with warm water with the salt provided...

The toilet seat, notice something? no doors!!

Shower, on the right is glass wall!! believe it? notice the reflection on the toilet bowl?

2 towels provided

Zuga and Lee Huai can't resist posing with the bathtub!!!

Reaching for the Light...

Vain... wow.. my first vain picture... xD

Cheered up after Santa Choong Tze thrown me a present!!! (2 towels *.*")

Hard Rock!!!

When we were informed we're heading to redbox,

Lee Huai was caught changing his shirt!!! xD

and again... (just for the record, It was not me taking his picture!!! I forgot who did)

While we were having fun, the door bell rang... I was afraid that the manager or something caught us or something... But instead, its the Ghotel representative wishing everyone Merry Christmas and they even left us a gift!!!

the traditional, Fruit cake... xD it delays our lunch for awhile

After we knew there were 2 TVs available, Aaron went back home to get his PS2!!! And so,

We have 2 PS2 in the room now!!! sweat... did they come to enjoy the Suite, or to play PS2? sometimes, I wonder...

Chia Wei, checking out the games, while Aaron and Hong Yong fighting each other (i meant in the game)

Not long after, Chern Shyang joined us in the game choosing session


Here is

Seng Zhi, trying out Kenny's camera. Should have used his camera to take all this pictures... (Its time I get a new one)

Guess what he's doing?

Sinking his hand in the warm water... I think he said his hand was hurt and that helps alot!!!

At 4pm, we headed to Redbox!!! yeah... more singing. Guess which room we're in?
Room 19!!! the same room we're in when we were celebrating the end of SPM!!! xD such fate... and the heavy smoke smell is still there...

As usual, once the singing gods “歌神” are here... We will only be listeners.. But then again, It's an honor to be able to hear them sing before they become famous in the future!!! xD My stomach was growling, as we had skipped lunch to play in our room. When to Bread history for some bread.. My first luch without rice... sad... but still the breads are filling.

While we were singing, came in Redbox Santa!!! xD Yee Theng was so exited seeing he has a big big red bag on his hand. And immediately asked are there any gifts? And the santa said yes. Se puts her hand into the bag with doubt. But she pulled up something, and was happy with it...

This is the thing:

However, we are not here to sing only, we also had another main event!!! Seng Zhi's birthday!! It's not exactly his birthday, but we're celebrating it earlier

Sorry, It's just too dark

Here's the cake...

After that, a chocolate cake feast!!! I tell you, the cake is really creamy, and therefore hard to cut.

While they were still singing, I went out to buy the movie tickets for our midnight show. Here are some Christmas decorations in Gurney

After singing, went to have dinner at the Gurney foodcourt. But the guys went to CYC for a few rounds of games first... xD A must for them, everytime they're at Gurney. However, when we were eating. We spotted this:

A mini cockcroach!!! Such hygiene....

After that, went up to our room. The lights on the road looks beautiful from high above!!!

And soon after, A few couples and a few more guys came up our room. And when there are chinese, there are cards!!! So, our session started... xD

Rest assured, no money are involved!!!

Just look at the amount of the shoes here!!!

That's not all, here's more...

Before heading down for the countdown... The guys had a hair doing session, and of course i've joined in

Don't worry, I'm not poison

unlike her

It's just the camera...

About 11.30PM, we all headed down for the countdown. We did not aspect much as snow spray are banned,

but... to our surprise, there are artificial snow in everyone's hand!! A car I spotted by the road... (actually, not me, the girls spotted it)

And a few eggs behind the car

When we were down there, the girls wanted to walk around. It is super boring to stand on a spot and wait and talk!!! And so we did... walk walk walk... fearing strangers would spray us as we are heading to the cinema for a midnight movie after the countdown. Despite all the worrying, we were still sprayed with the snow. Jess was Sprayed the most... xD pity her. I've lost my tissue, if not i would have given her. After being sprayed on, they have finally satisfy walking around and we headed back to our spot in front of ghotel. And soon the time came!!!

3... 2... 1... And we all shouted Merry Christmas... Shouting... wishing each other... Hugging each other

after all that 'fun', we headed up to GSC while the girls go get their jacket before going back... We watched

Watching the whole show, I was looking at the dog breeds only, and trying to name them!!! xD sadly, I can only name a few. And was so disappointed there were no Huskys in Beverly Hills. Before the show ended, Jess was like: 'Kiss him!!! Kiss him' and I told her: 'Dogs don't kiss, they lick' Then she was cheering: 'Lick him! Lick him!' and they really lick. She let out a short scream... xD excited I guess or she has some serious mental problem. Which I doubted it. xD

When the movie ended, we were like Chiwawa... all the way out... trying to sing that chiwawa song. But we only know the chorus part. Which is, 'Chiwawa!!! Chiwawa' XD

When the movie finished... I went to the toilet, when we were out. Everyone was gone!!! SO sad... but i caught up with the girls and phone the guys to locate them. The guys were already outside as one of them were not feeling well. We walked and walked and walked. till the carpark and took the lift down. We ended up exiting the back door or Qurney Plaza!!! Oh well, since that we're out we might just walk a little further.

We passed by a playground, filled with youngsters sitting on the monkey bar talking and some smoking. Just like how you see it in the movies. And far away there were another gang of indians with numbers of bikes. As if they were waiting for something. But we managed to walk pass safely. And when we were near Ghotel, the girls are cheerful again. xD but still our journey is not finish...

When we enter Ghotel, the staff on duty asked us to show our room key. The girls have it with them but the guys have pass it to Lee Huai which already went up. Luckily the staff was reasonable and let us in anyway.

The guys were not asleep when we reached the room, which is almost 2.30am in the morning!!! imagine that!!! Some played PS2, some played cards and the others played Truth or Dare. It was hard to group them together and play Truth or Dare, they were not interested at all... Only the girls were sporting. When they chosen truth, there were not much question to ask about as some were unfamiliar with each other. Therefore, after some time we changed the rules. Once the bottle points at you, Its a dare!! We had some ridiculus dares...

For guys
Drink a solution combined with Pepsi, nescafe powder and fist smashed groundnuts

Kiss the glass and have your nose press on the glass for 10 seconds while others take a picture ()

Expose his underpants (which was not fulfilled)

Call a girl and wish her Merry Chirstmas

and etc

For girls
Take picture with another sleeping guy

Take a pillow from a sleeping guy

Arrange the shoes aside (she ended up using her feet)

Call Yi Shyan and wish him Merry Christmas

and etc

After some time, It gets boring... and so all of us watch the guys play

Which is a horror game which Jay Sen was very afraid of. Jess wanted to watch but she was also afraid...

After the girls left their room, they played

Which scared the hell out of me.

On the other side, some of the guys are

assembling Gundam model... sweat...

Then we decided to have breakfast at 6am at Mc D. The girls went back their room around 5 something and get prepared, while the guys get into bed and sleep. When the girls arrive, only 5 men were standing, With me included... xD As some of the guys just went to bed, we postponed the breakfast to 7am. The girls waited for them to wake up and whan its 7am we postponed again to 8am!!! that's when the girls slept on the sofa. xD 8 am... the guys are awake and getting ready, but the girls are fast asleep. But we still left at 8am. ko lian them...

Due to my previous encounter at Mc D, during the morning they had the breakfast set. Which is totally awful and I hated it.... No soft drinks!!! No fries!!! How do you even call that McD? But that's the closest place to gt our breakfast. I followed along and had a banana pie and apple pie. Not bad actually, but definitely not worth it. And I had a ice cream for breakfast... Some breakfast har... xD

The view of the sea from our room

Geli right? It was lowtide

The neighbouring condo swimming pool

The other condo's swimming pool

After breakfast, me and the girls went for stroll along Gurney Drive and came across this

A spray can thrown on the ground by mindless peoples

A view of the sea when its lowtide

The christmas tree placed in front of Qurney Plaza

When I went back, the guys had already kept their PS2 and they took out cards.

Same rule as the previous night... No MONEY involved!!!

and thus, the clever me came up with the best plan...

That's right!!! Ground nuts!!! xD Groundnuts act as a snack and our currency. Ain't I brilliant? xD

When we were prepared to check out, watch some movie together and had our last photo shoot

As you can see... Jay Sen is still sleepy

Our Ultimate GROUP PHOTO!!! (with girls inside!!! noticed that? xD very hard to convince them to join in)

And this is Siao Lang-kun's doing.. He still haven't had enough with Fatal Frame... xD

When we were checking out...

For your information, this is Siao Lang-kun

Guess what is Choong Tze doing? xD even a blind man can tell... muahahahaha....

And this is this year's Christmas Gift from Janet... Thanks Janet!!!

Mine is on the right... Mine is nicer than Janet's right? xD

That's all for this post... Hope I'll be able to go to the New Year Countdown again in Ghotel...