Wednesday, April 1, 2009

12th of March - The day the SPM results are out

Sorry for this super late post. Had full shift for the past few weeks. I would be worn out when I reach home each day. Even if I online, I couldn't wait for the pictures to be uploaded.

12th of March, Thursday
Surprisingly, I wasn't nervous at all that day. In fact, I was rather calm. As I'm aware that no matter what I do now, nothing can change the upcoming results. On the way to CLHS, my dad asked me, "How many do you think you'll get?" Thinking carefully then answered, "5". My dad was quite shocked, "So little? Don't scare me lar" And in the end, that's really how many I get in the end.

Here are my results, they are not really good, but I don't detest it. I did my best.

After getting my results, sms my dad, mom and my aunt. They were quite happy with it. Looked for Aaron, as he is fetching me and a few others to Gurney. While searching for Aaron, call my friends from other schools. I called Janet first. She haven't get her result then. Later, called her again. She was sad. I thought she did badly. Actually she got 9As. Which is double mine, luckily she was ok soon after.

While waiting for Aaron's car to come back from CGL, me, Aaron, and some others jump into the crowd where the reporters are taking pictures for the papers. Haha... We were like hungry animals trying to grab a piece of meat. After Choon Lin was back with the car, Aaron drove us all to Gurney. In the car, there's Muan Hoy, Kar Wei, Choon Lin, Andrew, me, Mindy (Aaron's gf) and of course Aaron (Driver of the day).

Before reaching Gurney, we stopped by One Stop for awhile. And the while became a long while. We waited at the no parking zone for almost half an hour. We were waiting for Muan Hoy to change his wireless mouse (As the one he bought was spoilt). I've actually booked tickets for 12.30pm, but we arrived late to collect it and watch a 2.20pm movie instead. Went to the Korean BBQ chicken for lunch, as Aaron have some vouchers. Just after entering the restaurant, I saw some familiar faces passes by the window, then its comfirmed it is those 3. Went out to give them a surprise and looks like it turn out to a shock more than a surprise. Ordered a few dishes, and they were really slow. They serve their dish one by one. We couldn't wait and we all shared each dishes, no matter whose is it. Hahaha...

After lunch, we watched the movie Love Matters again... Haiz... I've watched it before, but at least I could laugh at the jokes now. After the movie, headed to Queensbay as I still have work at 7pm. And the guys continue with the movie sex drive and Aaron watch Marley and Me at night...

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