Thursday, April 9, 2009

20th of March - Sending the guys to NS

That day, had a full shift of 12pm to 4 pm, then from 7pm to 11pm again. Despite the long hours, I still woke up early in the morning and made it to PISA. Took off at 9.o0am, on the road buses that sends candidates to NS are spotted.

Here is one of them:

The reason I'm at PISA and everyone (that's around my age) are doing there

After I got there, I have no clue where to go meet up with Zuga. I can only contact Zuga, as I did not inform the others I'm going. It was suppose to be a surprise for Kenny, Lee Huai and Chia Wei. So, took a few pictures before I meet up with them.

Buses are parked inside of PISA, just waiting for the chosen candidates to get on.

Look at the crowd, there were many RELA officers there to help organizing

The hut where candidates must register with before heading to their bus to upload their luggage

Here is one of the bus that's heading to Bukit Mertajam. If I'm not mistaken, there were almost 4 buses heading to Bukit Mertajam.

After calling Zuga a few times, finally got him on the line. He told me the location and headed to where Zuga, Kenny and Adrian is. Besides Kenny, Jian Thyn was also on the same bus.

Pictures of the guys:

Jian Thyn refusing to show the camera his botak head (He go shave himself, so that it looks better than the people that shaves their head), the person behind was Adrian

Kenny (There's a K on his neck, I have a J too!!! Yeah... xD)

err... Don't know why he close his eyes...

After finish talking to Kenny and Jian Thyn, Zuga, Adrian and I went inside again to find Chia Wei, Still steaming looking as ever!!! xD

It was almost time for the bus to leave and I've already met and said goodbye to everyone i know, so, just sat by the stairs and wait for time to pass by

It was already 9.21am, but some were just arriving. (The leaving time stated on the letter was 9.30am)

Looks like they are bring pails there.

Adrian and Zuga

The first bus to leave PISA

and here goes Kenny and Jian Thyn's bus

Bye Guys....

After that, I didn't follow Zuga and Adrian for breakfast. Cause my dad was fetching me to the bank to make an account for my salary. And guess what? I get a Debit card!!! Yeah... now i can shop online!! xD

Then after, went to work as usual

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