Friday, July 4, 2008

Adrenaline week

It's a busy week indeed, I've not even started studying and etc. I'm still going online daily!

I've not finish my add math and modern math homework since the competition. Argh... This is procrastination... And this can ruined me!!! i need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Rushing to complete 5 projects is not an easy task I tell you!!! Without the knowledge to do it, How can it be done in 1 day?? Thanks again to lazy teacher, I had an adrenaline rush all weekend rushing for the projects. haiz... Searching for data, searching for this and that. Getting the information needed is one thing and writing the report is another thing.

Well, At least I have a little something to look forward to this weekend. Because there are simply so many events I would like to participate

Heng Ee concert
Phing Hwa Concert
CLHS Kadet Pertahanan Awam Gathering
CLHS singing competition
and the one I'm going, SMK Bukit Jambul's food fair

I'm going because my girl is there to help the school guard a store. But later she said that she needs not company, so my quest to look for somebody to accompany me started

My dad suggested Julin and Shan Hui, but Shan Hui definitely wouldn't wanna go.
So the list started with

(skipped Shan Hui cause she would definitely don't wanna go)
Then, Violette
Chai Zhen
Jing Yun

I was worrying I have to walk alone, but after all that trouble Esther agreed in going. And there we are meeting at 8am tomorrow. What the? so early... nvm lar... go there eat breakfast, see my girl then balik lor

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