Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lazy teacher...

The occupation 'Teacher' is originated from teach.

As we know it, teacher holds an important role for the future generations. Students socialize with teachers for 6 hours a day. Teachers are the students example or role model. However, no humans are perfect. That is the solid fact, but can't you just try to be what you should be? You are wearing the title of 'Teacher'!

You don't receive that pay to sit in an air conditioned room, search illegal programs, watch movie series during school hours and sleep while you are suppose to avoid student from cheating during exams!!! Even so, do it secretly. Change yourself lar... Don't get students in trouble. You want to rot? Rot alone!!!

Students goes to school for knowledge. (well, maybe some does not these days) I do not attend extra class and pay extra money, so that you can waste my time and leech from ME!!! Do you know I have tuition on the following hour? My schedule is packed. I expect to learn something from You!!! I have heard rumors that you are worthless,

but I choose to believe you

Cause the school will not assign a lazy-bone to be the only IT teacher in school. And there you go... You have to make me disrespect you. You are not worthy of my respect. I do want an A1 in my SPM for IT. But what did I learn from you? Online is FUN? XunLei 5 is used for downloading movies? Unlocker is useful? What I need to know is how to program using Visual Basic, How to use Flash and etc. In the end, I have to read from the disc myself. Why don't I just buy the textbook elsewhere and read myself?

Thanks again to the vice principal for stating the rule that "student cannot take extra subjects in the SPM if the student didn't learn it from the school." I bet the tuition centres are better than you. They may charge more, but its worthy.

Now? The government officials are coming within this week. And you have not teach us a single thing! Like how to create a multimedia program? How to design a database using Microsoft Access? I have no knowledge in it at all!!! You think Theong Siang and that A class guy get A1 and A2 because you are a good teacher? NOOO!!!! It's because they have the initiative to learn themselve and therefore they themselve have the knowledge without your help!!! You might as well disappear since you did not teach as a 'teacher' at all.

I really hope you are reading this. Please... Do something (Now I see why CLHS students never score A1 in IT [except theong siang])


lankapo said...

wow u sound angry hehe
cool down bro

Nexus said...

Well, wat u hav written is really true...
I can only say that: "We can't change the world, but we can change ourself..." Wat u can do is to take the initiative and study the syllabus by urself, in order to score well in ICT.

Wish u all the best! Gambatte

John Ang said...

those re definitely the words of Thiong Siang. Thanks!!