Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Best Friend fight in REAL LIFE!!!

A huge friend fight in 5SB4 happened this morning. I can't recall when was the last time we ever fight.Anyway, here's the story goes:

It all started during the second last period, Me and Yeh Chern are discussing the Add Math project due on Friday. Then he came over asking me what is this for etc. and i answered was that it is a raw information from the net and saying that he does not need it since that he decided to copy from others. Am I wrong to say that he was copying other's? OK, maybe I was hot at that time. Please lar, who wouldn't be? Short of time, not cooperative and rebelling. I was not solely his fault also, he has the rights to be angry at me. But then again, had he tried to wear my shoes? When I was cooled down, he didn't even want to listen. FINE!!! Do it your way...

Just a reminder, I don't get angry for nothing! I'm not mad! I get angry for purposes.

I am the leader of an Add Math project team. The task was given to us last 3 weeks ago, and such the deadline is this Friday!!! For the first and the second week, I was having a headache getting a retort stand, so I decided to make one. Thanks to the 'HELPFUL' teacher. So, first and second week, gone. Third week, finished the data gathering on Monday and Tuesday. Starting discussion on Wednesday, which is today!!! Planned held the discussion during English, Chemistry and Chinese period. But the Chinese and Chemistry teacher make it. Left with 2 empty English periods. Fine... That should at least get the Introduction part done.

I gathered information from the net during Tuesday noon, and print them out. Preparing for the discussion. Then DT told me that he has a sample project and he is going to do his by referring to it. Fine... Then I only know this morning that he decided not to share with us and to do his on his own. So, I was angry all morning, a few guys should be able to tell. So this changes everything, those who wants to discuss, you are welcome. If not then no need lor.

During a lesson (can't remember which lesson), Wai Kay asked me: "What about the Add Math project?" I told him that I'm gonna discuss the introduction part with Yeh Chern during the English period, you can join us. Or you follow the others and copy the project from others. So, the only reply he gave me was that he is going get an example from Zhong Ven. Naturally, I would taught that he chooses to not join us right?

SO during the English period, I didn't call for him (since I saw him copying from a sample copy). And this is where the conflict begins. He came over to Yeh Chern's table, seeing that we have a different note, he started questioning. And the story resumes to the top ^

Please lar... I am the leader k? You don't finish it I'm gonna get it k? And don't always think that you are the only one with conflicts and problems in YOUR LIFE!!! I have mine too... Just that I'm hiding them away. If I am to 'show it' on my face. My face would be black everyday! Please wear other's shoes before shouting at people!!!

You think I don't want to help you?

Now, before finding another reason to be mad at me. Remember... Why am I the leader? Why do I think such ways? Have you done your part as a 'TEAM'?

NOW If you are in my place... what will you do?

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