Sunday, July 6, 2008

SMK Bukit Jambul Canteen Day

Earlier post, I said that I'm going to the SMK Bukit Jambul

for the food fair/canteen day

Well, here are some pictures to tell the story. Actually, there are not much of pictures, cause the place was like so dark and I'm running around buying stuff. xD

The reason I'm there, the RM20 coupon my dad bought... Later I went to buy another RM10, but Chiu Tsann fight to pay for it, What the?

When for a walk around the school with Esther, before buying anything for breakfast. When pass each stall, check out the food, surprisingly the food there is not bad, just one thing that's disturbing. Did they sell roast chicker or black chicken? xD there was like a mountain of burnt chicken... xD

Went to the buildings, there are also stalls there. But unlike the food stalls, the game stall and bank stall is located further in the compound. ??? Banks? what are they doing here? Promoting their saving plans? Then there is the environmental display, saying that what are the cause and effects of global warming. There is a particular picture that caught my attention.

It's true alright, but I still see people using plain white (not scribbled) paper made into paper balls and throw around

They even give out CDs about the environment

Esther don't want it, so I guess it follows me home?

Further on, there are even display of animals! What does Food fair / canteen day have got to do with animals? There is a special breed of cat, monkey, eagle and 2 snakes.

Sad, lonely, little monkey... This is what we humans do. For entertainment, these creatures are caged!!!

The Red Eagle!!! I was like surprised, What is an eagle doing in a cage? An eagle is a predator, it needs to roam free like other birds!!!

After all that walking, finally we decided to grab something to eat. First stop, Chiu Tsann's stall, bought 2 scoop of mash potatoes (RM2) and a cup of chicken (RM1). Find a place to sit and only we noticed that the mash potato is weird, nothing like the KFC mash potato... Sorry Caryn.

Even sitting under the fan gives me the feeling of being in a hot oven. Bought 2 cincau (RM4). Then Esther wants to try the shave ice. When to the stall, ordered, and wait. Guess how long did I waited? Half an hour!!! I ordered only 2 drinks (RM6)! just imagine and it wasn't worthy the time. Ordered a strawberry flavour and a chocolate flavoured shave ice. The strawberry came first, when my chocolate order is ready, my strawberry drink was half way finished. Luckily I bought a cup of fries (RM1) while I was waiting.

When back to join Esther, I noticed the waffles (opposite of our sitting position) are ready. Ordered one with chocolate ice cream. Then I bought lekor (RM2). For the record, I don't like waffles, so it was for Esther, and this is what's left after she is done with it.

It's not finish!! and it cost me RM4!! too bad, I can't finish hers, cause I was eating

Chicken chop (RM8). muahahaha...

Guess what happened when I was eating? Suddenly a malay lady came to our table and ask Chiu Tsann. lady: "Who is he?" Chiu Tsann: "My bf" Then I looked up, holy.... It was Cikgu Hafizah!!! I was KOed, first person from CLHS to know. haiz... Looks like I can't avoid it forever...

Then, I spend the last RM2 to buy Chiu Tsann a drink. Actually, I didn't actually buy her, cause it was her money, It's more like I helped her buy it.

After eating, back to walking. Finding something for Chiu Tsann to spend on, cause she haven't even spend any of her coupons. Sadly, she had a flu and sore throat, can't simply buy stuff. In the end, she bought some fast food from A&W and satays for his brother. How thoughtful... xD

Pony... saw the horse while we are about to go home. Can you believe it? They get a horse for the food fair!! Poor horse, being rided all day.

When we were outside the school, waiting for Chiu Tsann's dad to fetch us. I saw this...

can't see it right? Check the picture below

Its the banner for the canteen day event! What the... It's so small, how do you aspect anybody to see it? Plus, the net was so big... xD

A very special thanks to Chiu Tsann for inviting me there the first place. And Esther for accompanying me finish off the coupons.
Esther being shy... xD Thanks again Esther...

I guess that ends the day... I thought it would be boring at first, but it turned out fun =)

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