Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another visit to GSC during my 3 hours break

Yesterday watched

The Punisher II Warzone

It was my first 18 rated movie... muahaha... Watched it with Choong Tze, Yi Shyan, Chee Seng and Chew Wei. When we are at our seats, a guy behind us already started sleeping... I'm sorry, I meant snoring... Sweat.. It haven't even entered the good part!!

Before entering the cinema, met Violette outside she said she can't sleep well after watching that movie. xD After watching it, It's quite ok, just that they target the head, and the effects of head smashing like a watermelon and all that was really realistic. creepy... But like any action movie.. The hero wins it all and the show continues...

Despite her exam today, she still went to Queensbay for movie and ice cream... Sure is a go lucky girl.. xD GOing out for another movie again on Friday!!! Yeah... xD

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