Friday, February 6, 2009

The journey to get my license have finally ended today...

27th of November
Listened to the boring 6 hours 'undang'.

16th of December
Went to take the 'undang' test. I had it 2 weeks after listening, cause i had the Than Hsiang Camps in between. xD Therefore, didn't really spent time studying it.

I reached there about 8am. Lined up and got my number

Number 14

Waited for almost 2 hours until it reaches my turn, luckily I met Hong Yong there. For first timers, pictures are taken as an record!!! Not for the L license!!! We have to prepare another passport size picture for the L license!!! WHat the? then why did we pay RM10 for? so that they can keep in the computer for record? I think I should charge them, Not they charge me!!! I pay people to keep my picture? Ridiculous...

Here is Wei Jye having his picture taken. XD he looks so 'down' xD

When its my turn, the agent told me my Mycard was spoilt. Called my agent and head to Cemerlang learning centre, to get a 'Smart card' (not so smart actually)

Here it is:

It cost me RM20!!! and you can only claim it after you have finished all your test including the JPJ test. And then they'll only issue a RM13 cheque. the other Rm7 are charged as process fee. Totally ridiculous..

During the long wait... Spotted him

Dunno what i mean?

Here's a closer look:

Wei Heng!!! the flower of CLHS xD

After entering the computer room. Started the test... Its not fun at all. Try to use all the time I have. Recheck and recheck and recheck again. Until I'm satisfied. I clicked the submit button... Mana tau... The result was 41/50!!!! FAILED!!! just 1 mark away... So pek chek.. bo huat lar...

18th of December 2008

I had my Undang Test again. Just 2 days after that failure. I've hide in the room and studied and studied, fallen asleep and studied again. xD That's just my way of studying.

That day, also reached there about 8am.

Got the lucky number 2

Not long after, reached my turn. This time... I know the questions better, as if they are my buddies. xD THey look familiar. Unlike the last time. I have to guess. xD Shh...

After half an hour... Here it is:

Can't see it? click on the picture

OR take a look here:

My score was 45/50. PASSED!!! yeah... You don't know how happy was I, when I saw that LULUS. xD

And here's the paper work

Finally pass Undang... Now, I can listen to the 3 hours car theory and attend the 3 hours car practical.

Met Chee Wei and Wei Hiok there...

and Hong Yong again!!! xD Such luck...

And also Our Form 5 chinese teacher!!!

It seems that she got motor license only... Haven't test for the car license

Here's a list of date available for Car and Motorbike test. Kelas B2 dan Kelas D

During our break time, waited at the hallway. And I saw this 2 girls giggling to a recording... Hmm.. I wonder what was it?

Saw both of them yesterday morning too!! xD

The Circuit:

(this was taken early in the morning, therefore there aren't many cars yet...)

Motorbikes ready for action...

I've had 3 2hours practical!!!! Then my agent sign me up for the QTI!!! I was so nervous, I even forgot to buckle up before heading out. Luckily I still passed it.

Yesterday, was the big day!!! After 6 2 hours car lessons, what I've learned are put to the test. Got up at 7am, cook some instant noodles and head out at 8am. you won't believe the long line!!! It almost reaches the gate!!! We lined up to get our numbers.

Later Hooi Keat and Way Seong came to 'line up' in front of me. Then, when they made an announcement to check our registration number. Since that they need to check theirs, I asked them to check mine too, while i watch their place. And then a girl from the same agency as I am asked me to watch her place too while she check her name, She even offered to check mine. But I refuse cause i already asked Way Seong to help me check.

When they got back, I ask Hooi Keat what is my number. And you know what he said? He said: "My agent already told me my number, I just check my number and my name only." Ok... Nevermind... When Way Seong came back, I asked him the same question... He said:" Erm... Erm..." Then I asked him again, "Did you even check my number?" He answered gladly, "I did, just that i forgot". Ya right... As if he did... what did I aspect? Haiz... So I asked them to look after my place, and went to check my number. I totally forgot to wait for the girl to come back first!!! SORRY!! I only remember it when i saw her there. After checking my, Aaron's and Kar Wei's
number, I head back to the line. ANd only to saw Way Seong, Hooi Keat and Jia You talking out of the line!!! What the Hell? I told him to watch my Queve!!! Such friends...

My number was 53, Aaron's was 55 and etc... Met Wei Seong, Choong Tze, Hooi Keat, Jia You, Jing Liang, Hong Jie, Ghee Khon, Chen Aee and Wei Heng!!! Again!!! xD

I was first called to take the hill test and parking first, and Way Seong too... I was so nevous that i kept talking to Way Seong. xD but Way Seong was even worse. His hands were Cold!!! xD

After getting on the car, I only have one thing in mind. It's hot!!! turn the aircond on and tune the radio to Red FM!!! nice... xD

Finished the hill, parking and Tee junction perfectly. Passed it and then waited for my turn for this:

Now this is the tough part... they say the officer may be persuasive and ask you to do the wrong things. Like cutting the car in front, speed up at a speed limit zone and etc. Luckily I have the guys to talk to. That's when Aaron went to talk to Angela. xD regret that I didn't get a picture. My memory card was full. Haiz... After Hong Jie, I was one of the next ten people waiting in line.

I've finish my test at 12.30pm!!! Woo Hoo!!!! Yeah... Now that's what I'm talking about. I heard they only resumed after 2pm...

As a result... I've passed the Car test!!! and i can drive after i got my P license and the P stickers!!!! Yeah...

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