Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Driving license... Here I COME!!!!

Guess what? In Malaysia, we can drive when we are 17! However, in Singapore you'll have to be 18 or 21 years old to drive. I'm not sure about the exact allowed age. But it's definitely later than us, Malaysians!

Steps to freedom:
  • Listen to undang-undang (traffic rules), its something like a class
  • Take the undang-undang test (written test), using computer
  • Listen to driving class (Theory)
  • Driving Practices (Can drive already, but requires a license driver beside)
  • 2 Driving tests, after this officially, legal to drive, but a 'P' is needed to be pasted on the car

Today will be the first step of my driving freedom!!! As in now, I'm on my way to Lim Driving school. Don't know where it is. Don't care where it is. Cause they're fetching me there! Yeah... Sad thing is, it cost RM100 to listen to a long 5 hours boring talk. Besides that, I would have to wait another few days before I can take the undang test. At least that would give me some time to study about it. Hahaha... And soon after that, the listening for driving and starts learning driving! Yeah... But all of this costs me a bloody RM700 including undang-undang.

At the beginning of the year it doesn't cast this much. Thanks to the government for increasing the fuel prices. The fee for driving learning as well, despite the reduction of fuel prices now. The JPJ is still not redusing the driving fee. MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

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