Monday, December 22, 2008

Paintball at Bukit Gambir

Went to play paintball at Bukit Gambir one day before the Than Hsiang Camp (3/12/08). Not a great timing, but then again I'm free that day. So, I guess its ok. For the others... I'll let the pictures talk

The place, turned out to be a tent located at the housing area.

With wooden bench outside, I've gotta say the wooden bench doesn't look new

Once we got there, the first thing we look for, is this:

the toilet.... swt... I know. But Chia Wei needs to use the toilet.

Then, Siao Lang-kun noticed something

NO... There's nobody inside. Its just that the door is only attached with one anchor.

After that, some guys reach there early,

some were super late...

In the meantime.... Let's watch

this DOGGIE!!! haha.... It's afraid of people... sad... such cruel owners...

Isn't it obvious? It's "THE BATTLEFIELD"

Quite big isn't it?

Here are the gears

Helmet, a must wear in the battlefield

The 'markers', not gun!!! says the lady in the picture

A briefing for newcomers (I'm one of them)

Poh Lik Ta shooting me with an imaginary gun

chit chat...


And finally.... enter the field!!!

Don't ask me who are they... I can't tell who is who and even if i could, I dunno half of them. xD

After the first round, notice his left arm? there's a shot there. Shot by me!!! yeah...

After third round (final round)

See the nice black ring tatoo? xD I did that... Sorry Zuga

I got nothing to do with this guy... xD sad guy...

Heading home... after all that shooting and running and pain. Each of us paid RM37++!!!

Oh ya... we saw this after we finished all our matches

Yes... I know very sweat... It's a herd of cows!!! xD

Some souveniers I kept... xD

The battle wounds (just for the record, I rushed into the opposite side):

This one was the worst of all, some ppl say its a love bite... 冤枉!!!

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STRAIN said...

Unfortunately noone will see siao lang-kun cz of his head shaking making it blur...

Dude.. GEt a camera not a CAMERA PHONE!!!

and hes not siao lang-kun, its Sensei-kun...Heehee