Monday, December 1, 2008

Mom & Dad's 22nd Wedding Anniversary and Queensbay Mall outing

People say, wedding is the most important event in a couple's life. It is the day where the boy and girl swear or promise to be each other's side together for ever and ever. However, to commemorate this special day. Married couples would celebrate their anniversary on the date they were married.

This year... It would be my parent's 22nd Wedding Anniversary. Each year we would celebrate with the Pneh family, as their parents and our parents are close friends and their wedding anniversary lies on the same date with my parents, that is the 6th of December. However, we are celebrating it early this year, as our schedule are pack, therefore we celebrated it yesterday at Dorsett Hotel for a high tea buffet!

A night view of Dorsett hotel


More decorations

And here we have it... The food!!! There is a standard 1, standard 6, Form 2, Form 3 and a Form 5. However, we do not matter our age and had fun!!!

De Wei's so called Masterpiece, look at the side of the plate.
It is obvious that the chicken was moved before

Simple yet amusing onion ring volcano!!!! I tell you, the onion ring is really chewy, it doesn't break easily! xD

There are still many other foods, such as: Fried Rice, Fried Mee, fish balls, Onion rings, wantan, sweet and sour chicken, Roti Dalca, Tom yam Mee, salad, fruits and most importantly... 8 flavours of ICE CREAM!!!!

All the Ice cream we ate:

Pr's beautifully scoop of Vanilla Ice cream

Yi Wen's half way eaten chocolate Ice cream

My Tri-Chocolate Ice cream

Lumpy Yam Ice Cream

While I'm at the 3rd bowl, I'm already full. At first I intended to eat 3 scoops of ice c ream for each flavours. But my Stomach does not allow me. Therefore, the last ones are mixed. On the left is the Almond flavour and on the right is the Green tea flavour... I tell you, the colour looks nice, but the taste doesn't. The RM2.50 Green Tea Ice Cream at the Basement of Queensbay is way better than this

Yi Lin Eating her Mango Ice Cream which she regret taking it the first place

After finishing our desert, our parents still wants to chat. To kill time, we went to the toilet and camwhored.

PR on the far left, De Wei in the middle and me as the camera man
(Haiz... Wish i have a better camera phone these days)

And here is a the little rascal showing his true face...

When we are leaving the place, I turned back and this is what I saw:
Wow... such messyness. Hahaha... None of my business anymore

Before leaving the building... Yi Leen and Yi Ven took a picture beside the Christmas Tree located at the center of the lobby.
On the left is Yi Lin, and on the right is Yi Wen

Before we leave, we all requested to go to Queensbay Mall
for a walk and of course a movie! It is all PR's plan to meet with his friends in QB. Yi Leen and me wants to watch High School Musical 3 (In the end, we watched Madagascar 2 cause there are no viewing of High School Musical as it is released about a month ago)

The christmas decoration outside of Queensbay Mall Central Zone (from car view)

Christmas decoration outside of Queensbay Mall Central Zone (from land view)

Once we enter the building, we saw this:
ASIMO is here in Penang!!!
The robot that is rumored to be capable of replacing the job of a maid! And I would definitely like that. For the record, I don't like to clean my room. xD I am happy that my room is finally clean, after cleaning it for 2 days.

Just look at the crowd!!! They shown up just to watch Asimo in action!!!

They would sit in the crowd to watch our little mechanical celebrity

And here, Asimo starts to demonstrate what he is capable of
View from Floor 1

(Sorry bald guy, I know I'm not tall enough)

View from ground floor

Here are 2 videos I took from floor 1. Sorry for the lack of quality...

And there you have it. We are lucky to be able to see Asimo there, as it is the last day he will be in Penang

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