Saturday, December 27, 2008

Worse Outing I've ever organised

After the Than Hsiang camp... We had a small reunion for Ai Xin Ge Jie (17/12/2008)... I guess we can;t call that a reunion. Not even one third of the people shown up.

I've invited almost every Ge Jie, as I do not have all of their numbers.

Our Ron dae Vo time was 11pm at the central zone under the big Christmas tree in Queensbay. When I first heard it, HUH? Is there even a tree this year? I thought there was only the stage for Asimo and Doraemon?

However, when we reached there we group up near the giant inflated Blue Robot Cat from the 'future'. Sadly not everyone is punctual, we waited and waited and waited... Then took a picture first... xD

From left: Zuga, Jun Hsiang, Hui Jun, Chin Seng and Jia Rong
Bet you're asking... where is me? Holding the camera lar!! sweat...

After taking that picture, went up to the skating ring. Exchange 'cold jokes', before we went on and buy the movie tickets, that have failed to get everyone's agreement. But A choice needs to be done! Or the good seats will be taken! In the end, we watched the movie 'The day the Earth stood still'

Finally bought the ticket about 1 pm!! 8 tickets in total!!! and guess what? Zi Hao was left out... Cause he didn't inform me earlier. Not my fault... xD Jian Thyn shown up at 10 something. Zi Hao, Jih Wei and Yee Ying shown up about 11 something.

I had Jih Wei posing for me... xD

Just before the show starts, Jing Mei finally shown up. Now I regret didn't ask her for another picture... xD The movie was kinda... Typical I would say, the old storyboard. I guess I can't blame it, it is after all a sci fi from the 50s. After the movie, we walked a little

Then separate into 2 groups for dinner. One, went to Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant (Yee Ying, Jian Thyn, Zi Hao and Jih Wei) and the other went to Arena (Queensbay Foodcourt) (Me, Chin Seng, Jia Rong, Hui Jun and Jun Hsiang)

Look... Jun Hsiang 'rampas' my my plate!!! I want to complaint! xD

And after that, It's the end of the day... Sad isn't it? After the outing, Only then Jian Thyn said a lot can but didn't want to come... Haiz...

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