Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pictures taken when my blog was out cold

I'm back from the camp for a week now and finally here are the pictures...

However, in this camp we are acting as group guardians. Where we are the role models for the little campers. So, even we are not allowed to use our handphones, camera and mp3. all 'illegal items' are pass up for safe keeping before the camps. xD

First Camp (5/12/08 - 7/12/08)

some briefing about the registration counter for the campers

The Love used during the 'lightening ceremony' (无尽灯) on the second night. When its lit up on the dark, its magnificient!!!

This is the straw house I made for the 'Treasure Hunt game'

It's the smallest and its the most complete house with walls!!! and a roof. Other groups just made a frame of a house

Didn't camwhore much in the first camp... xD

My group's photo... Acting as the sleeping buddha... xD It's totally not my idea!

Here are the signatures from the kids!!!

Second camp (12/12/08 - 14/12/08)
definitely camwhored more after the second camp

and here is the '爱心赞美加油站' where we leave notes of encouragement and etc for others

Here is a souvenir i got from the second camp

A nail scratch mark!! I'm not that crazy to inflict pain on myself k? xD A kid did that to me, It took me a lot of patients to hold back my fist

A soft toy brought by a ai xin jie jie, Shu Fern

Her cute little elephants, named 'Small Blur' and the mother is named 'Big Blur'
Such cruel owner, to give them such names... oh well... xD

and here is 欣薇 posing with 'Small Blur' and 'Big Blur' (without permission) muahahaha...
According to Shu Fern the elephant was being tortured by the kids... Poor little elephant

Here we have Yee Ying signing my book

First camwhore of the day

Ain't she cute? xD On the left, Qi han. On the right, me

Me and Poh Lin

Me and Poh Lin

Me and Annabel

Annabel and Me

Nah... this is a picture taken with Annabel's phone.. She was so impatient! xD

Poh Lin, Me, Annabel. Dunno why is it blur... maybe of the lightening?


And this one... I would like to complaint. Poh Lin took this one. She hold the phone not far enough, and tadaa... showing me taking the spotlight

Pei Ting and Xiao Ma. The so called daughter and father... sweat...

Pei Ting and me. THe red light was due to Jin Sheng's camera. Haiz.... It looks like I was blushing

The photo of the day... XD wanted to take a pic with her since last year... And here I have the guts

Jin Mei and me

Rejected photo, xD

Me and Zi Hao
Yeah... I'm as tall as he is!!

Me on top, Janet on the lower left and Shu Fern/Carolyn on the lower right
Yeah... I'm the tallest!! xD

Our group Ai Xin Ge JIE!!!

Me, Yong Xian, Annabel and Chun Jing

Jia Jun, Yue Ying, Janet and Choon Lin

Jing Feng, Aaron, Poh Lin and Me
Notice the red armpits? xD It's once again due to Jing Shen's camera

Here's the angle taken with Jing Shen's camera

On top, Me, Jing Shen, Zi wei, Jia Jun and Yong Xian
Lower, Xiao Ma

Obviously, its a better version... xD

totally different mine is like 1.3 megapixel only.... and his... walau...

XD this one is the best of all... ALL of the leng luis sitting in a row!!! But... They never look here....

From left, Qi Han, Yee Ying, Ya Wei, Ming Hui, Xiao Wei, Shu Jing and Wei Fang
(chinese version) 淇韩,毓莹,雅薇,敏慧,校苇,淑晶,味芳 and 雪琳

still not looking here...

Still not looking...

Finally... My turn!!! xD

Before the final briefing with all of the ai xin ge jie, ai xin ba ma, tuan kang and hu yings!!

small guitar show...

Singing session!!!

And oh my god... A female guitarist!!! Super rare!! xD
PS: DOn't worry you're not seeing things. the legs behind, isn't a ghost, Just somebody walked pass at a high speed. xD

Here she is again...

My group photo for the second camp

The final group photo with everybody!!!

I guess that's all the pictures i got

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