Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jolene just gave birth to six puppies this afternoon.

at 2.30pm 2 puppies are sighted, then another 4 are sighted at 5.30pm. wow... this is the second time for Jolene to give birth, but is the first time i see the miracle of life. She is very tired after giving birth. But she is tough and still walking and even RUNNING!!! but she have difficulty squatting (which she does it everytime she needs to do her business). Will upload the pups tomorrow as it is dark already. The rain just made the situation worse making them cold and such. Oh ya... 3 of them are black in colour and 3 of them are white. remember its a golden retriever. You tell me what happened.

the puppies, all six of them

feeding the puppies one by one. But they didnt drank much and
 some even pushed away. Then they all slept after putting them down. SO CUTE!!! :)

but they still prefer mummy's milk. hehehe...

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CooolKidz said...

Yup, they are very cute indeed. =P
grow slowly pups...