Sunday, March 23, 2008

today is a busy day...
(schedule: study, cut down the tree, watch the puppies prepare the IT slides which is due tomorrow)

I woke at 11.30am
immediately rush to the computer to finish the slides. Then mom called that we are eating KFC for lunch. YEAH!!! (cause its rare) The reason is because we have this:

Yes... A coupun

That leads us to Giant hypermarket. haiz... so... i'm the carrier again...
And this WAS my lunch. hehehe... :)

After lunch we walk in to buy the grocery needed, then i saw this cute glove... Which is blue in colour which Esther will 
certainly like it. hahaha...

And looks like Giant finally did an upgrade on the price checkers. The last time i was there the thingy everywhere were spoilt. or its just my bad luck? Maybe... Maybe not... and Jann would probably like this price checker. hehehe... cause its green.

And when we reached home, it was bad news for me and my brother. We were caught to trim the tree. This is a pic of him clearing the braches so that its easier for us to stack it.

And this is the mess we made to the road behind my house. Which we cleared it up after we are done.

And this is the tree during the process of our tree trimming session. hahaha... so sad... 

This is where we
stack the tree branches and leaves. No we didnt stack it in the drain but on it. hehehe...

and As the result some of the straight long branches are kept as our sticks used in gardening. hehehe... guess that's it for today. Good Night!!!

JAJT is here at 12.07 a.m. wow... its that late? good night!!!

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