Saturday, March 29, 2008

This morning  I went to school when i'm going for an activity which starts at 10.30am. But i reached there at 6.30 am. Who exactly would be this stupid and waste his/her own precious time? ME!!! It is dark at 6.30am. and i have nothing to do there... and there is nobody i know to talk to... sienz... 

So, I went to an activity that i didnt expect to go. But all of the form 5 members rebelled and doesn't want to go marching so the committee decided to let us go gotong-royong at the markas.
And some of us are started to play... haiz... form 5 d still play like kids.

They exactly like kids that found a stick and the broom is swing around as if its a sword.
It actually started with 2 person. Then i told Andrew (on left with broom) to look how sweat they are. Then he said wait for me i wanna join in... sweat...

This is when they had finished 'fighting'. They are rushing to take off and play basketball. haiz.. when the seniors are so childish, then wat happens to the juniors?

Then I took off at 9.30am after i clear the dry leaves with Andrew which is 1 and a half hour earlier. (evil laugh) Then i head to my SPBT meeting (which is held by me).

after the meeting the AJKs had a little discussion

They are so incooperative. NO FACE!!! haiz... guess everyone is shy


On the other day (Thursday), there are only 4 person in the English tuition. In such a 'coincidence' all 4 of  us use the same coloures file. And i even took a pic of it. hahaha.... sweat...

I don't know if they will kill me now that i post their faces. From left is Jing Yun (sorry its a private profile) and Esther.

And i stayed back after school during the past friday. It is the purple colour house practice AKA i brought my hp to school. shh....

My phone's camera is only 1.3 megapixel, so the purple colour turned blue. haiz...

I was taking the picture from first floor. I was so afraid they will lock it up. But luckily the door was not locked when i was leaving. (they are marking their attendance, which is worth 10 marks in our PJ subject!!!)

When they are changing the sport they practice. And the guy on the bike is here just for the attendance.

Guess that's all. JAJT is here at 10.14pm

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