Wednesday, March 19, 2008

whew... its wednesday but luckily tomorrow is a holiday. hehehe...

But then again i'm so unlucky cause its not safe to even go outside tomorrow (if you are a true Malaysian you know what i mean).

ok... i'm trying out uploading the pictures. Hopefully it can be viewed like I wish.

This is a pic of my brother's CJ7. haiz... only my brother haves it. Isn't it cute? man... his 'friend' is so berat sebelah. Nevermind i'm not that childish anyway.

This is a little bird I found the other day while i was gardening. I DID NOT KILL IT!!! It's stomach is open when I found it. haiz... It didn't even have a chance to see the world. And a bird is suppose to roam free. All I can do is to give it a proper burial (which I did). I didn't hire any monks though. hahaha... But I planted a ribena tree on it hoping that it will become useful to my plant.

Well, that's all for today.
JAJT is here at 8.44pm

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