Sunday, March 16, 2008

Its beeen awhile since SSYS ended.
many paper work needed to be done. Many homework needed to be catched up My team had only won 1 out of the 13 prizes but i still got dozens of paper work. Haiz... I can choose not to fill them up, but doing that I'll not get marks for my extra curriculum (which is important and valueble). 

School is reopening... 
Seriously doubt that my mom would let me online and update this 
blog. When I get the hang of this 'system' of blogging, i'll upload some photos.

It's pretty boring today. Nothing particular to do and my dad forced me to chat with a girl at overseas (his ex-student). In Australia studying, first year. Living with her uncle and aunt, what freedom. But then again, I would prefer to be in 
Penang. where i'm familiar with the roads, places, food stalls and even my friends houses.
But my parents encourages me to get scholarship (which i don't think i'm able to) and study.

I guess that's it for today. JAJT was here ^_^

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