Thursday, March 20, 2008

tomorrow is my school's cross country. Got to sleep early. haiz...

In my family, dogs are loved and cared for deeply. We even take them as brother and sister. Therefore, I have two 'sisters' and a 'brother'. Eldest sister is Chi Chi, then the brother Euro and the youngest Jolene. We had just gave Euro and Jolene a bath. Hahaha... usually Euro will struggle and splash water all over us, but instead he is behaving well today. and for Jolene she doesn't give us any trouble when it comes to bathing.

Here is a pic of Chi Chi

As she is very 'active' :) and untrained, so she gives me a hard time :( getting a clearer pic.
She is a mix of Miniature Pinscher and Doberman Pinscher. So she is larger than a mininature prinscher but way smaller than a Dobeman. I got her as a second pet from Taiping, just after I finished UPSR. Since she is a mixed, she doesn't have a cerfiticate.

Then, the second one is Euro.

He is a pure Siberian Husky,but he doesn't have a cerfiticate. sob...
However, he had a shorter right front leg. We got him just after I finished PMR from Sungai Bakap. So he is about 2 years old (human year) this July. And he is my favourite, after I watched the movie Eight Below, I wanted a husky and this was given by a friend of my dad.

And this is a pic of me hugging Euro. He is not heavy for his age. Haiz... maybe his leg stunted his growth. T_T Sob... Sob... Nevermind, I still like him anyway. ^_^

He will always be my puppy... hehehe...

The youngest one is Jolene. However, she is considered the youngest cause she came to our house the latest. She is 3 years old (human year) this July. She came to our house just last December.

This is my youngest sister a Golden Retriever. She is now pregnant, and gonna give birth this few days. Getting Excited about it!!! Yeah!!! She gave birth once before, to 6 pups. But that is before she came to our house, so this is the second time she is giving birth. I promise i'll upload her puppies next time. :)

I guess that's all for today...

JAJT is here at 10.55pm (very late d nights!!!)

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