Wednesday, March 26, 2008

yesterday was a busy day...

Today morning 7am to 8++am there's a SPBT duty but i'm not requested. (which is a good thing) Its good that i get to attend class, so do not have a out of class permit BUT i still need to do the paperwork. Haiz... Its sad but i have to do the paperwork cause the secretary is busy.

And finally tomorrow is the day where me and livyn's cert will be given by the school on stage!!! I've not been on the school stage since form 1. (and that was also because of punished to stand on the stage. haha... old times) And we need to give the school part of our prize money. sob... T_T well... its for the school, so its ok. hehe...

In class, DT ACCIDENTALY shot me with a rubber band. according to him, he was not aiming and just playing with it. Then when he accidentally released it, he look at me with his mouth saying sorry. As if i was gonna eat him. Well, it cant be help, I'm famous with 'I can do ppl but ppl cannot do me'. So when i turn around. Before I had a chanceto say anything, He said sorry. When I opened my mouth. Do you know what did I say? I am the most guai lan one in this class, don't you try to be more guai lan than me!!! DT and Lee Huai were 'sweating'!!! hahaha... really caught them offguard.

Tomorrow our math/ addmath teacher will be taking students out of school for the MSSPP badminton competition. YEAH!!! 2 free periods plus the school assembly tomorrow, we sure have a lot of nap time. hahaha... just kidding, its MARCH and only 6 months + before its SPM!!! haven't studied. sob... I will soon... addicted to facebook lately. I did managed to stop last night.
But whenever I turn on the computer, my opera will like automatically open (seduction).
and i would do all kind of stuff like qriting this post?

Oh ya yesterday, I was captured by Miss Cheam with the PA system in the auditorium room. I was like, WHY me? cause i have 0 knowledge of the wireless microphone as I'm not in the wireless society. So when i reached there, I du=ont even know where to start. and look for the plug first. Then when DT came to help out only we manage to turn the overall system on. And a deed is done. just like that. I even heard that Chung Ling won the english debate preliminary match.

And it was on the same day as the MSSPP volleyball competition. And Julin was in it!!! (cant imagine). And aspected Melinda was also in the team. They won 2 matches and are heading for the quarter finals today. I asked for the results of our school, and we won the first round, then finished by the opponent. Game over. And they are back at school today. I haven't ask Julin about the results today. hmm.... did they won? hope so, according to some of my resources, they work hard and tired and very long hours...

No more fooling around!!! exam is near and i havent touch a book!!! That's all folks!!!

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