Friday, March 21, 2008

This morning was a tiring one...

10 km limit 75 minutes for lucky draw.

from youth park into botanical garden then back to youth park (enters from the other entrace)
I have 2 targets in this race, to get first 200 placing (to get extra marks for cocuriculum) but i ended 213 (or something like that) T_T and to reach finish before 75 minutes (for the thumbdrive lucky draw). I think i had finish in the time limit, but they ran out of the lucky draw tickets.

The teachers are chatting (dunno wat are their topic though)

everyone lined up behind the starting/finishing line. I remember last year, everybody was so nervous that everybody are standing before the starting line, as they are fighting to be in front.

a picture I taken before the jogathon started. And Tze Chuen have to kacau my hp. haiz... so childish like me. hahaha...

The long line behind the starting line. It is a rare event that people actually stays behing the line. hehehe...

A few friends of my posing. from left Chen Kwok, Wai Kay, Choon Lin, Jih Tzeh and the Action group guy (forgot his name sorry!!!)

So hard to get this picture. cause i'm unable to find a
 photographer. hahaha... and i dunno how did that yellow line appear. It is there since the picture was taken. haiz... looks like it gonna breakdown soon.

I know this pic is blur,
cause I zoomed in as they are very far away. As you can see Mr Wong Chong Yin is taking a picture of us before the race, and Guo Din is taking a picture of Mr Wong Chong Yin taking a picture and I'm taking a picture of Guo Din taking a picture of the teacher taking a picture. (is that confusing?)

A student from the photography club is taking the picture of the PIBG, school teacher and our Headmaster, guess I joined in their photograph session. From left is Mr Lye Tuck Seng, Mr. Cheah Kok Kheng (Vice Headmaster), dunno, dunno, dunno, dunno, dunno, dunno, Mr Chuah Yao Chou (Headmaster), dunno, dunno and the previous headmaster, Mr Tham Kong Chee.

From left Woo Muan Hoy And Andrew. Behind them are the form six students (the only girl student in our school) (evil laugh) they have special light purple t shirts. last year was black and orange.

This is the largest event expected this year. and all students must show up. There are about 3 thousands head in here (if you got the time to count it) hahaha...

Looks very... eww.... I know but this is the only picture
took while running. From left me and Choong Tze (which is a pro runner but too bad he had gastric today)

Oh My Gosh!!! people are running ahead of me... What to do? I didnt not train for this event... hahaha...

After I have reach the finished line, resting as my legs gonna fall off if I walk any further. 

Finally, a picture of the 'yam pong' (hokkien) 9 in total but they are in other pics
From left: Standing one is Zu Quan aka Zuga, Kenny (the only one that can sing in our group), Choong Tze the fit one, Lee Huai the joker, Hong Yong the fake normal (hokkien), Yi Shyan (in yellow) the hua hua gong zhi and Jia Wei the terrible voice like to sing but very terrible. sorry dude!! Not in the picture: DT (he will kill me if I reveal his real name or even his fake name) (what the heck? edited his name so many times. nvm he requested wan) and ME the guai lan and annoying one. hehehe... This is the ultimate group in my high school LIFE!!!

These are the lucky draw numbers. None of them are mine though. I just help them get their lucky draw prize IF they get one. 570 is Dark Tenshi's 
which I fought with Jian Thyn over it. 367 is Zuga's which he gave me willingly but he very xim tia
cause he wanted the USB 2.0 2GB tumbdrive by PenDrive with our school logo on it. Which cause about RM60 in Penang.


People are sitting at the benches waiting for the award ceremony and lucky draw session. 

This is the pendrive won by Zuga's lucky draw number 367. Sob... Its in my possesion, but it belongs to others... How I wish I can run faster 
and get a number of my own. haiz... to late to regret now. As this is the last year I'm competing, 
and I'm graduationg from this school next year. Well, from the star I did not aspect me to finish it in time. As I remember I entered an outside 
event marathon which is 10km and it took me 45 minutes to complete it. But today there are two uphills which makes it more difficult than the other one. Every year the distance, location and terrain is the same. haiz...

I almost forgot, My racing number is 1315. hahaha... I wished it was 1314 but it belongs to Andy.

I guess that is all for today. Wow, i've been typing for half an hour. No wonder my mum is scolding me. hehehe... well, Good Night!!!

JAJT is here at 12.35 a.m.

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