Wednesday, May 28, 2008

19 May 2008

Wesak day
Only went to Than Hsiang temple to pay our respects this year. dunno what's up with my dad. normally we'll also go to the Mahindrama temple during this day.

I've just reach the car park and its crowded with cars!!!Besides it was already 2pm!! wow...

Then we pray at the Quan Yin altar first,

these are the names of those who had passed away. On the bottom, the brown boxes are food offered to their relatives or friends. In Than Hsiang temple, you cannot find any polystyrene boxes as they are non biodegradable, so they use these brown ones instead. Its costs more for each boxes, but for the greater good sacrifices must be done.

2 fellow citizen praying to the Buddha, can u see the brown boxes on the table top? those are battery candles. Which is safer, cheaper and more environmental friendly than regular candles.

Here are some people 'bathing' the Buddha, we 'bath' Buddha every year, as it is a form of blessing when we cleanse the Buddha.

a long queue indeed

After paying our respects in the main shrine, we head to the sixth floor.

donation counters outside the main shrine

The Buddha statue placed on the sixth floor

It was 6 floor high, but the lift was crowded with people, so it was actually slower than taking the stairs. So the idea hits my head to run up there. And what do you know? I reach the 6Th floor faster than the lift! xD I did the same while going down to ground floor.

When i ran down the stairs, there are people walking in and out of the
5Th floor, so i went to the 5 1/2 floor to take some pictures.

There was an exhibition of the artwork and achievement of Pu Ti primary school and high school students!

After i reach ground floor, I waited for around 5 minutes then only the lift arrive. score 2 for me and 0 for the lift =)

Just before we take off, we get some blessed water home

Volunteers helping to distribute the blessed water.

and here we are.

When we were heading to the canteen, this is what i saw

Beware of snatch thieves!

WTH? snatch thieves in a temple? that god damn it person is so brave ar? stealing is already a crime, and now this? stealing in a holy place? Such person should not exist!!! if you can afford a motorcycle, that's mean you still have the money to fill it with fuel. Then why steal? Why won't you not work for yourself? inconsiderate people...

and here's the camera that is installed after the incident or before the incident? aiya dunno lar. just thinking that even a temple needs a security camera gets on my nerves.

It's been awhile since i went to Than Hsiang temple. And guess what? the space between the new block and the main hall was made the canteen. And what did the canteen become?

an article shop!

wow... such a big shop indeed

And that ends the day...