Saturday, May 31, 2008

24th of May 2008

24 May 2008
Went to Qb last Saturday. Yeah!!! first time going out this holiday.
however, the agreed time was very late, about 3.30pm. haiz... actually, good also lar. so i get to go to CHC for the food fair in the morning. yeah...

My mom drove too fast. so didn't get the overview

Me and Shan Hui reach there together. xD don't misunderstood. We walked up to GSC (the meeting point)

Saw this on the way. A story telling competition for primary school students!!!

While waiting for Ke Er's arrival (Jasmine reached d), we were discussing about dinner. So we thought of eating here

Cause Yee Fong said the things here is nice

Question is, can u sit on a toilet bowl and eat something from a toilet bowl? xD

Not long after, Ke Er arrived and she chat with her friend awhile. And I chat with the bf awhile. xD such coincidence. Then It was time to enter the theater, bought a regular pop corn (perlied by the girls later, saying i didn't want to share. sob.. no money d mar) and coke after entered.

Watched Narnia: Prince Caspian

The story is ok only give it a 2/5. Cause I didn't like the plot. but I love the mythological creatures created and the battles. Just loved the strategy they used and the excitement between Peter (High King of Narnia) and Lord Midaz (King of Tamaranians). I really don't like the plot, cause so many are sacrificed in the war while Aslan was hiding away, part of me really agreed on letting the white witch out. You need to have assurance in a war not faith! If you are the general, You hope for someone (not plan for someone) to save you, You are not worthy to become the general at all.

After watching the movie, we went for a stroll (can't decide for our dinner)

A back picture of Ke Er (in front pink shirt with the handbag), Shan Hui (White shirt and jeans) and Jasmine (pink shirt, long pants and the sling bag)

Sorry! didn't ask for their permission. bleuk...

In the end, We ate at

Old Town White Coffee

Ordered the curry chicken rice thingy (almost like the nasi lemak there) and a blackcurrant drink (it is only ribena with a few black berry in it and it costs RM10+? WTH)

After dinner, to kill time before my parents come and fetch me (man I wish I can drive now, so that i can drive Shan Hui back. hehehe...), we browsed the books in

Actually I would prefer looking for books in Borders. They have a larger variety of books. Popular only have reference books, reference books and more reference books spoil my holiday mood only. But i'll go with the flow. I was apparently staring the books there. haiz...

i was looking for books at

The cooking section!
What the heck am I doing there? xD looking for a belated birthday present for mom. She wanted the healthy enzyme guide book. Not that she doesn't how to make it, just that she wants to learn other technique. I have tried looking in Borders also, but they do not have it. Oh well, I did looked for it. Then I came across this book that made me laugh. xD
A book about Ong Ka Ting xD

I was like, 'Is he so great? then why did he almost fell off the sit as the chairman of MCA?' hahaha... I shall not give any more comments on this. (later i end up in jail sob...)

Then my mom called, while walking out of Qeensbay mall, get an ice cream! muahahaha...
But not from Baskin Robin or Haagen Daaz, but
Mc Donald's
Cause Yee Fong like the Mc flurry here. (cham... everything related to her wan XP)

Mc Flurry
Bought the chocolate flavour one, it costs me RM4.75 xD, but I like it. So its ok...

And that ends that saturday

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