Saturday, May 3, 2008

Yeapiee... 17th Birthday!!!

If you noticed, I've put on a countdown timer just on top of the blog. My birthday is coming this Sunday. I'm not lookinf forward to it, as we do not celebrate our birthday in my family. However, there are true friends out there that remembers my birthday and even gave me presents.

This is the earliest one yet.

A present given by DT. A headset, 2 DVD (black cat anime) and a birthday note. He always knew I wanted to watch the anime black cat, sadly I do not have the chance to go anywhere to buy the CD and I've requested him to burn me a copy and i would pay him. (cause he downloads anime as his hobby)


Is the one given by Meredy, a bag of lucky stars. The card is from the form 3 tuition students given to my dad and me. As our brthday is on a day gap. His is tomorrow, i mean today. xD and the cookies are made by Chiew Tsann. My adik angkat. xD but i haven't try it and I dare not try it. Cause she don't cook!!! shhh... later she'll kill me

And for today, This is the last one. Given by Cean Wooi. So... So.. round. xD

When I opened it, I was surprised. A mickey and minnie mouse saving can. And it looks just like a drinking can. But sadly, the minnie is exposed and I'm already using a saving can. Thx anyway!! loved all the presents. hope there will be more. *evil laugh*

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