Friday, May 23, 2008

Bday presents i've received =D

[...update from the previous post]

Previously, when I wrote the earlier post. I've not received these gifts yet. They may not be expensive ones, but still they're valuable. As they are the gifts of mytrue friends and I even received some unexpected gifts.

Here is the one received from Chong Tze.

simply yet useful

Here is a tshirt from Hong Yong and Jia Wei

A 'unique' tshirt, even he doesn't understand what does the tshirt says. So its better to not upload me wearing the shirt on the net. xD

Next is a angpau from my mom and my favourite kunyit rice. (yeah...)

Then is the ebirthday by Qi Shen. xD he made it in like 10 minutes, it is the easiest to keep of all the gifts. xD and it had grammar mistakes in it. But what the heck, I get the message enough d lar. xD

lastly, its the most unexpected gift of all. On the very day, i received this

a letter from The One Academy. I immediately thought that is it the time they recruit students again? I planned to not open the evelop at all, but then again it doesn't hurt to open a letter meant to be read by me.

When I took out the content, this is what I saw. A birthday card!!! xD

and it says: "
Dear birthday boy/girl,

Hello! It’s your joyous anniversary celebration again! On this special day, The One Academy wiches you a Happy Birthday and may it be filled with happiness, great memories and laughter galore.

As The One Academy strives to be different and unique among others, we have come up with a special birthday gift for you this year. Watch out for a cool groovy miniature Birthday Robot exclusively designed by The One Academy, whuch we guarantee you cannot find anywhere else.

Indeed, at The One Academy, students undergo heightened evolution in concept development and creativity with its ‘Just World-Class Achievements’ teaching philosophy, giving them a quantum leap to garner high-profile career in international creative industry upon their graduation.

So, to be a part of the world’s best, head on down to The One Academy TODAY!

No empty promise, just world class result!                                Intakes January April August"

And on the other side of the card is this:

I was like, sweat... wth is this? a miniature paper doll?

and so I played along and this is what i got:

it doesn't attach properly and it's hands keep falling off. But I am still rooting for TOA all the way! Thanks TOA

And these are the presents I've received this year :)

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