Wednesday, May 28, 2008

24 May 2008

Chung Hwa Confucius Food Fair

I went there that morning about 11am and i was suppose to lend a hand to my dad, since that he is a teacher there and he needs to take care of his stall. But instead I'm transform into the camera man when i reached there. xD

No... its not wonderland where white mushroom grows everywhere. It's CHC having their food fair.

now, isn't that a lot of people and stalls? =) and this is just part of the food fair

My dad's stall
err... sorry miss. didn't meant to take your picture



and more stalls...

just look at the queue... wth its RM5 per cup for the Taiwan milk shake but everyone is still lining up for it?

the only stall there with duty students wearing a matching uniform. Now that's service

a happy couple

plants for sale?

home made banners used to catch the customer's eyes

yum yum... laksa. sadly my dad didn't give me any coupon to eat.

cute banner...

a 'must have stall' in a food fair. ICE CREAM!!!

just look at that... kolian the duty student. suffocated them all day

special canopy for people with food to come here and enjoy their overcharge food (just kidding) =) It is a food fair, i guess it suppose to be more expensive

for those people that are so clever to eat before going to a FOOD FAIR, here is a place for YOU!!!
The place for u to PLAY!!!

eii.... i thought i have zuga in the pic. nvm lar. haiz...

A picture in the staff room. see the guy standing there? with the blue shirt? That's the headmaster!!! Wuu....

i guess headmasters all also human that needs to drink and eat, but how many will support their food fair buying spending their own money in it?

It is definitely not a good news when you know my dad, and u somehow appear in front of his stall. and this is where Raymond (red shirt) have to korek his pouch bag for the money. xD pity him
Guess what is the girl's (in black) age?
if you are thinking 13, your right! walau... cannot believe her. she looks so matured, yet she's so young and pretty (:p)

OK enough pictures... work time... haiz...
and I'm the chilli boy. haiz... and my dad was like promoting his son instead of the food. haiz... He was like 'come, come I introduce you my son', 'don't want ar? don't regret ar' (as if i can't find a girl i like. haiz...)

before we head home about 2pm, bought a few things. muahahah... finally. but sadly the ice kacang tutup kedai d. haiz..

then later evening went to QB (Queensbay mall) Yeah....

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