Saturday, May 3, 2008

CLHS annual sports day

Today, we have a fine and clear weather, but still the sun shines brightly and hotly in the sky. As if a giant stove is upon us. We had
our annual Sports Day today. Many preparations are made for this historical day for our school, uniform units are training for the show on the actual day (actually they also trained for their foot drill competition which happens to fall on the same week), action groups moving this and that, the tent being set up, the wireless society setting up the PA systems, the teachers (MC) getting their scripts ready, athletes and of course ME.!!!! I've prepared the camera you know? Without permission it is so risky. Cause eventhough with permission it'll be useless. As i'm using my hp to take all this pictures. But after all that preparations .... (cannot tell it on9 hahaha... MSN me if you really want to know) Unfortunately I have only 9 pictures with me, because my 1gb micro SD bought from Lorong Kulit gone CRAZZYZYYY!!! luckily i noticed it earlier. If not I seriously doubt there would be a single picture at all. haiz... in the end, I asked this friend to help me take this picture, ask that friend to help me take this picture and that friend to help me take this picture.

Now, I bet you would ask me. Why is it so important? Sports day is a monotorious event where there are nothing interesting that would happend unless somebody got injured. To me and my classmates, this year's sports day would be our last! We are FORM 5 now!!! we are entering adulthood! So, this would be our last remembrance of our high school lifes.

Ok... the pictures

Afternoon sessions students waiting in front of their class. Stupid Bruce Tan! since i've entered this school, they haven't changed a bit!!! still letting the students wait outside for hours!!! unlike the morning sessions, the class can be open as early as 6am

What's that? Thats right its an empty ice cream stand!!! yeah... the favourite part of the whole event. ICE CREAM!!! always craved for it as I do not get to eat much ice cream when I was in primary. Therefore, I've even considered in entering Chung Hwa Confusious, because they sell ICE CREAM in their canteen! can u believe that??

The tent for VIP and athelets. In the end, some of the students that are clever enough sat there while enjoying the show.

The monitors fall in to get a quick briefing of their duties today.

The St John Flag Bearers getting suited up

LIN YUAN!!! the head monitor and he even gave me a present for my birthday and the previous birthday. So pai sheh, I didn't give him anything for his birthday....

Students are summoned to the pathway about 8am and look at the van. It's the Nestle truck!!! Nestle = Ice Cream!!! yeah...

before the School cooperation started their business

walking a long way to the shielded pathway.

Finally, it started. The matching and all. As usual the Kadet Polis of our school shows the best performance followed by Boys Brigade and Kadet Bomba. No kidding, our school's Kadet Polis is the best marching squad in the whole state!!! But there are the once with no dicipline in class and
with the most attitude problems. But they are the fittest squad in the whole school

When they all reached the center of the field and listen to the bla bla bla speech. luckily my ears were covered with the voices of Ka Wing and Chia Pei.

This year I've broke my own record to have spend all RM16 on icecream and food o.O What can I say? I love Ice Cream. about 4-5 ice cream, 3 curry puffs, 3 cups of water and 2 bottle of yogurt. haiz... once in a while mar. but I'll need to exercise more to get rid of the fat and hope I won't get a stomachache. xD

This year the yellow house won with 533 points leaving other house way behind!!! We never won before ever since I've stepped into CLHS (or did we? o.O)

I've heard that 2 students from my class are injured. Wai Kay hurted when he was in the tug of war event. They lost completly. They aren't even a match for the 
green house. From the start till the end, the red house were drag to their lost. Many of them slipped and fall due to large sudden forces. Tze Chuen was pulled down during the start. Tze Yong (the biggest guy in the whole school except the teachers) slipped the ropes and causing the anchor (Wai Kay) being dragged all the way. And he was given immediate medical attention by a St. John member. Then about 12pm we saw another gut being carried to one of the St. John classes
It was Lee Shean!!! our CDK dua bek kong ar. siao siao and badminton pro. He got a muscle crammed or something like that, if not the st. john member is molesting him o.O xD

Sadly, we have some trouble finding prefects in the form 3s he solely confiscated about 3-5 handphones. Come on lar... Almost everybody brought hp to school today. Including you prefects. He confiscated Kenny's hp which drives kenny up the wall at first, but then settled down. What can I say? Dogs are dogs. they follow their owners commands (said by Khoon Jie one of the senior prefects) for their own good. haiz.. we cannot blame them but do they have to make our day worse? haiz...

I guess that covers what happened today. And more photoes coming up. After I get them from Chia Pei, DT and Keh Yang

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