Friday, May 2, 2008

Wednesday (30/1/2008)

Motive of bringing hp to school
X sms (no credit)
X call people (no credit)
X cari pasal (looking for trouble) with prefect
V get some interesting daily life pictures for my blog
V take some pictures for moral project

First stop, camwhore of my classmates. Livyn caught doing homework doing free period.

This is our first assistant monitor.

This is our second assistant monitor avoiding the camera

As you can see two BOYS are holding a hp and they are so interested in it. What else can it be? Well, i dunno what are they watching actually, because i'm not that busybody?

Mosquito repellant used to shoo off mosquitoes. The school really need to look into the matter. Now we have mosquitoes everywhere in the class every morning, no matter there's daylight or not. And lagger said that we don't need it cause they only come out when its dark. I was like how about you sit at my place for 6 hours, then you tell me that sentence again.

Later, Choon Lin (ch'ng) entered the class asking who is interested to join the inter class badminton competition. Due to insufficient of contestants, I've enterd my name, but removed shortly after Livyn agreed to play for our class.

Dudes from CLHS!!! Where are these pictures taken from?

Correct! its in front of the principal office. And here is the sign of the vice principal office. Currently empty. As our Mr Chuah Yao Chou is now the headmaster.

DT was absent today, yet we need to get permission from the headmaster to go back early. So Choon Lin  (Yeap) ask me to accompany him to the headmaster's room. A monitor asking ME (a regular student) how to appeal for going back early. Just thinking of it makes me laugh. xD cause usually me and DT would be doing this simple yet troublesome jobs.

and here we have another hardworking student 'doing' his homework. xD actually copying

ok. no more fooling around. We get took pictures for our moral project. Which is a picture to prove that we did our job as a class student.

failed!!! Alvin is playing instead of acting. haiz... kids. xD

Failed. And Wai Kay have to walk pass the camera. haiz...

Succesded on the third try. haiyo... so troublesome.

The  Jian Thyn also wanna take some pictures for his project and Andrew volunteered to be his model. As you can see, more fooling around. Looks like he gained some weight therefore he is unable to fly. xD

picking up the papers were an accident, but it would be difficult to act something like this. So the natural way is the best way. (this saying invented by me. muahahha...)

Moving on, Keh Yang also wanna take a picture. So this time Jian Thyn is the model

Leaving the classroom, we went to open space in front of the library.

Failed. An act of cutting the bush. someone is smiling....

Success... profesionals at work!!! no kidding. xD

And there are the others

Another one from above.

Keeping the tools, as chen hong has brought them out secretly without permission. shh...

Told the guys to form a circle, just for remembrance. And what did they did? haiz... they dunno how to have fun with a camera.

And Keh Yang wants another shot of him keeping the books

While going home with Khye Jie, I caught a picture of him sleeping in a car. According to the old sayings. We musn't take photographs of people sleeping, cause it will snatch their spirit away. I believed it but then again i don't believe it. xD that's why we have this picture now.

Later that night, went to buy some burgers.

According to Cean Wooi, they open the store till 11.45pm!!! wow... they are so hardworking!!! rare malays. xD

It's a simple store in SUngai Ara, but its way yummier then the ones you buy in Mc Donald or anywhere else. No kidding! If you are going to PISA (Penang International Sports Arena)
drop by at Sungai Ara and grab one of this burgers. It's as cheap as RM2.50 minimum. Wait... that's
not cheap. xD 

Ok, now the secret to their yummyness. Lots and lots and lots of veggie!!! they are not stingy when it comes to the ingredient. Which is the main reason why it is so welcome and the customers are so satisfied. Besides almost 80% of its customers are chinese instead of malays.

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