Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 17, 2008

our second trip to the library

after the first 'study group' on the 10th of May, the other guys also went there on the following Sunday. Sadly, I didn't join them to catch them in the action. xD According to them MU did go to that library on that Sunday. Therefore, they are going again on the 17th

Well, their purpose are definitely not to study but meeting or rather spying MU. Nvm i go there for my own purpose, sadly my purpose is also not to study. But to meet a 'haven't met in 5 months' friend.
The friend I'm meeting:

yee fong...
she didn't like the picture. do you know why? hmm...

As we arrive (zuga, me, lee huai and jia wei), we started 'studying', and waiting for our 'friend'. xD to their disappointment. only the manager came, and the actual thing was out of view. pity them... xD 

Yee fong brought a friend along. I was surprised when i saw her, cause she looks like a friend of mine

Her friend, 'Chocolate'

and my friend Jing Yun

WTH so alike. xD but definitely not sisters. I did not edit their photos to make them look similar k? and here is Jing Yun and Chocolate's original pics and profiles of Jing Yun and Chocolate.

And there we go again. the guys were getting bored. so Lee Huai wrote some 'notes' on a paper.

but this is no ordinary notes. it has extra features on it

exactly!! holes. to spy on something... hahaha...

Later at 3pm there was a activity for 'wei qi' a type of Japanese chess where you surround your enemy's chess seeds. and it is held every Saturday from 3pm. Here are some photos i took using Jia Wei's hp cause my hp battery was dry.

And later me and qi shen walked to Mc Donald and guess what? i met Shea Er there by coincidence. Such luck. xD she was looking for a place to study at Mc Donald! What the heck? It's full of running, playing children!!! how do u aspect anybody to calm his/her mind to study? So we walk back to the library. At first it was 2 person going, then 3 person came back. Now that;s fun xD. The journey was long and hot. Bo huat lar, Shea Er was not driving that day. And so when we reached there, i went to catch up a few things with her, abandoning Zuga and etc... SORRY!!!

Shea Er
She didn't allow me to take any pics, so here's a pic taken secretly

And that ends our second 'study group'. hahaha...