Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Late posts

May 10, 2008
I know it's been a very long time since the mention date above. but i already have the pictures in my possesion and I don't wanna waste my effort of taking those pictures. so here are the posts.

We had 2 group study, one is before the exam and the other is during the exam, they said they wanna make a third during the holidays. but i have no reason to tell my mom i wanna go to library. (during the hols! what am i thinking? actually is to finish our XXXXing time consuming PJ and moral projects)

May 10, 2008
We knew when we are TOGETHER in the library, with some other students (which are not from our school) our 'group study' will definitely be affected. just before I'm gonna start narrate what we've done there, I've noticed something very wrong

Here are the not bring list:

  • no cell phones
  • no walkman
  • no games
  • no pyjamas
  • no jacket
  • no worned jeans (i think it meant fashion jeans)
  • no singlet
  • no cap
  • no slipper
  • no short jeans
  • no guys with head band and messy long hair (wth?)

OK here's the deal,
i can see that (almost) everyone brought in hp, walkman, games and i saw one (a gba sp), some girls wore jacket, no fashion jeans, but there are definitely alot of slippers, almost all the girls there wore short jeans (and i mean very short). what the hell? i thought that all are against the rule!!! And these peoples are still in there? don't care lar this IS MALAYSIA! Malaysia boleh...

Here is some picture of the guys...

camera man of the day!!

the shy one

the shy guy is = Kenny
get his autograph now while you can, cause he is gonna be a singer soon enough and when that time comes, he is going to charge for each of his autograph

The shaolin kungfu artist here. no kidding, don't get him mad or you'll have to face his wrath

Hong Yong
the one that always talks Masked rider, anime and games with me. xD

Lee Huai
the most yam one. xD said to be the descendants of lee bai

it's 10.50am only, me , kenny, zuga, hong yong, yi shyan (damn it, yi shyan's pictures are lost) and lee huai have reached the library. where the hell is jia wei? and the promised time is 10.00am

And so we started our 'group study' together

just like mom said, no books scattered around the table = no study
and so, we follow the tradition. xD but do u see those discs in the middle? hmm.. i wonder xD

when its almost 11.30pm he arrives

Jia Wei
the BIG one xD

And so here it goes... some listen to their music

chatted, read other non school syllabus books, ten muscle (xD), sms (me), picture snapping (that will be me again), go to toilet frequently (guys, u know what i mean) and most importantly talk about girls. xD its now officially a guy's outing no longer a study group!

you can tell lee huai is pek chek, when a fist is formed. xD

more pictures...
do i look handsome? xD

then we were bored that we took pics of us posing xD

champ of the day>Lee Huai!!!



we were hungry, as usual the ones with the motorcycle are buying the lunch. in this case its Zuga and Kenny cause Yi Shyan is going his grandma house to get lunch (Mc Donald, yeah!!!)

now, doesn't he looks just like a waiter?

does this helps? xD

while waiting our lunch delivery to arrive, we rest and pose outside. xD

not long after, we went in and 'study' a bit first. then our lunch arrives

we had lunch in this cute little lidi hut. xD

hanging up there? what for? there's no monkeys here. xD

that's more like it



more posing....

and more posing....

why don't we just sit inside? cause i don't think that thing can hold all of our weight. And some god damn no civic heart person left eaten nasi lemak on the siting place and thus it was infested with red ants. Can you believe such people even exist?

after eating we went back up, but we do not have the mood to study, so we place our hp on the table, trying to make it stand

sadly it missed 2 hp. mine and zuga's cause i'm taking the picture (duh?) and zuga's can't stand. haiz...

then out of a sudden, MU was sitting a few desks away!!! but the view was damn clear (so the guys are damn happy). and they were so excited about it that they laugh and laugh and joke about it. sitting with them is no longer safe (librarian may kick us out). So I went to Tun Way's table, back then Wei Loon was wearing this shoe:

Tun Way said he wanted to buy this pair, but it was sold out when he was at the shop. So he booked the shoes from Wei Loon. (Lol what the hell? go book a new one lar, but the price differs hugely)

then I went back with the guys...
The MU's manager called Zuga
asking Zuga why guys on our table kept looking at their table. xD
and guess what? he really told her that we were looking at MU xD
then she zipped it and the magnet was demagnetized haiz... xD

That day was definitely a fun day, therefore there was a second time

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