Friday, May 30, 2008

Me kena TOTO!!!

Ok, the story goes like this. I was reading the paper (only happens once a blue moon). read some interesting articles, read the comics, look through the cinema time and read the cartoon strips.
Next thing to do is, the lucky draw numbers. See if there is any number i'm familiar with.
Then I saw this...

(of course not this lar, this is from the internet)

What's so special you say?

compare my last IC number with the first prize number!!
(sorry about the blurrness of the IC, my camera and my handphone camera are not meant for close range picture taking)
it's exactly the same!!

I was like, wth? can't this number appear on the 4D page when i'm legal to buy it? haiz... too early. and such chances might not come again. Oh well... that's life

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