Thursday, June 5, 2008


These few days are the worst days of my life.
I've never experienced anything like this before,
Projects not done, studies didn't go as planned, relationship failure, bored, hp no credit, holiday is coming to an end and most of all nobody to chat with (trying not to online).

Hurting someone is bad enough, but comforting someone is even worse cause i have no talent at all for that matter.

The other day, I was staring at my hp. waiting for a reply. I'm unable to do anything (since my hp got no credit...) I'm in the wrong here. I know! but what can I do? NOTHING!!! that's what, unless I can change the past. There's nothing much I can do. Hurting someone once is bad enough (I know that), Hurting for the second time leaves a deep mark. I can't even study properly the other day. The book was opened! and my eyes were staring at the words again again. Reading the same line repetitively. All I can do was waiting for a sms. But my hp failed me, giving me no hope at all, disappointed me and broke my spirit. It was like I've wasted my time there reading but another agenda was happening in my mind. Thinking of what I could have done or What I should have done in that situation. Should I've been such a busy body? or should I just leave our lives alone? Not resolving this issue is not beneficial. But I have to live on... haiz... live is full of surprizes and sorrows...

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