Saturday, June 28, 2008

KDU technology week report

Remember my previous post I announced that i'm skipping school for the KDU technology fair?

Yup... It ended. Here is a little concept I get from the fair.

I was looking forward for the event before it. But when I'm there, I'm very very disappointed. Then after the event, I guess its alright...

Here are some details during the Game Design Workshop with pics =)

First Day
We went to school first that day, and planned to leave school at 8am cause it starts at 9am and we would have to calculate the traffic. So we took off at 8am, but later the time was reschedule again due to the rain.. Does it have to be today? haiz... never mind, our workshop is indoor xD

Reached there and we only saw a few people around. Then we discovered Ewe Chuan and Ding Shen sitting by the bench. Played a game.. sweat lerh? xD To kill time, you can do almost anything!!!

Registered at the booth and went into the computer lab. Now, I'll let the pictures do the talking (with some descriptions of course)

The speaker Joshua. A lecturer in KDU

Not long after, a guy came in and informed Joshua that some big people is coming to take a look.

The 'big gun' is the one on the right.

Funny thing was everybody clapped their hands and stood up to invite him when he entered. I was surprised. Is there such need? But to follow the crowd, I joined them as well. xD

Started using the computer there to 'design our game' using

There sure are many computers in the lab. No wonder the line was MEGA laggy

Besides the workshop, there are others workshop in the process too. And guess what? there is an IT fair on the ground floor.

I think these are students from KDU presenting their laptops, cause on the next day there are rewards for the best booth

Looks like I'm not the only one who noticed the exhibition

While waiting for CHiang Teik's mum, we camwhored.

The sporting models xD

Guess what? after Chiang Teik's mum came. I went back to school, cause that's the only transport I have to go home. But it was an hour early before school dismiss. SO I entered the class... sweat lerh? got permission to ponteng I still enter class. xD

Second Day,
same as the first day, went to school first. But Bernard was looking for me before class starts. Guess what? Chiang Teik and Boon Hui haven't arrive!!! How are we gonna go to the workshop? All we can do was waited. And Chiang Teik did not enter class cause he can't wake up. Deep eh? Actually he was up until 4am trying to master popfly.

When we enter the lab, the computer are still laggy like the first day. Everyone was intense, cause from 9am, it's a competition! We try and try and try to load our game. We are able to do so for the first hour. But after that, every computer shows an error like this:

The connection has timed out? What does that suppose to mean?

Before this, we are only facing the browser error, which requires the user to close the browser!!! closing it!!! all work unsave!!! GONE!!! I tried installing Mozilla Firefox 3, but its only a limited account. So I downloaded the portable version. Still the error continues... We complained and complained...

Then only they transfer us to the internet lab here...
A pic from Alvin Ng's blog. Paiseh ar Alvin...
Forgot to take a pic of the lab

To our surprise, the line here is way better. So another theory proven:
Internet line provided for students = lame / laggy
Internet line charged = top condition

Without further delays, we started our work. Erm... Chiang Teik started our work, cause they only allow 2 person use a computer. And how does 2 person share a computer?

Chiang Teik finding entertainment during work (notice the headset?)

Quit moving around will ya?

Guess who is next to us?

Even with the quick internet line, we are unable to save the game!!! what the heck? that's why i don't trust MSN. After the competition, ate lunch. the lunch was fried rice with a fried egg! Not enough, so i buy extra rice, the food there is quite nice... But I went home with a sore throat. At the canteen, we saw some creepy looking people walking about. What I meant by creepy is that they put 'blood' and 'ghost powder' all over them. Then they are like the DJs announcing that, that day is SUPERNATURAL DAY!!! creepy... After lunch, went up another room...

another pic from Alvin Ng's blog. muahahah... pic stealer

Well, we went up early, so we camwhored...

check out the trio....

Now here is a the same pic, just taken using Alvin's camera instead of my hp
results: A phone's camera can never outmatch a professional camera

wuuu... shiny trophies...

Not long after Mr. Yeap's arrival, the lady talks. Showing us some presentation introducing KDU, then she announce the winners...

the confusion, cause they are the champion!!! not the 2nd runner up. She even admitted it was a human error. xD

Prize giving...

Picture taking...

And group picture taking...

More group pictures...

And the prize winners...
Neat eh? I'm also in it. All thanks to Chiang Teik, but we still think that if the line is not laggy. We can make it way better....

picture of our RM 300 winners (both RM300)
haiz... I forgot to take a pic like this with Chiang Teik

You can play the game Alvin and Pheng Kern designed during the competition here

Brought this baby home...
Thanks Chiang Teik...

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