Sunday, June 15, 2008

The yearly durian season is ending in Penang. I bet eveyone knows what is a durian right? Well, If you don't. Here is one:

However I do not know about the other states, but this year Penang is having a small season. Haiz... It is definitely a sad thing for a big durian fan like me.

Small amount of durian = less durian I get to eat

I remember a year where people give us durian and we even got durian from my grandma's house. So we ended up with too much durians and we have to keep some in the refrigerator

Durian are categories to many different types and species, the popular ones are the ang hair, ko liam and etc. But something like this:

We call it 'zhu hut' in hokkien which means for single. And when u see such durian, it is definitely a delicious wan. As you can see all sides does not have other durians.

If you are really not familiar with this fruit. For example, how do u eat it? Of course open it, but then again how? The torns is everywhere!!! simple... open it with a knife

use the knife to slit open the joints and then use your bare hands to open it further

Then for the eating part, no need to teach gua. XD

Just open your mouth, eat and spit the seed. xD
remember to spit the seed!!! the seed is damn big!

OK, here is the tip I want to share with all of you. Does your finger smells like durian after eating? And did you notice that the smell is really hard to get rid of. Or have you experienced a fever after eating durian? Its rare, but sometimes it does happens!! It is because durian (King of all fruits) is very 'hot' as a chinese would say. And therefore we might fall sick when our body is too 'hot'

To get rid of the stench

wash your hands with the water running in the shell

or on the outer shell. THe chemical contain their will be able to help reduce the smell, but not completely vanishing it.

TO keep your body healthy,

again let the water (drinking water) run on the inner shell of the durian shell. Need not to say, please make sure the shell is clean lar. Then sieve the water in a glass just like in the pic.

or you can drink from the shell itself!!

Here are the durian for 3 people

remember to get rid of the seeds and the shell properly

if not. You'll have a durian smell house xD

And here is a picture of one of my dogs enjoying durian. Even dogs love durians!!!

And that's all. Have fun eating durian!


jEaN Le said...

i like durians myself!

The Horny Bitch said...

I don't even know when durian season is here cos I see durians all yr round in sg.

That's some useful tips u have. :)

John Ang said...

to jean le: good for you. =) eat healthily

to Horny *****: I see. I don't even know that. no wonder some of the Singapore drama have stalls that sells durians all year. I thought the Producer got problem d xD