Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Miracles do happen

Attention! today is the day to set your records!!! by downloading Mozilla Firefox 3 of course.
Well, I did download it just for the fun of "participating" in the Guinness World Record. But the program actually works faster and more user friendly! so don't hesitate to install it. It's only takes up 7mb. Only a bit larger than a mp3 file. Sacrifice a song for a free program. Now isn't that interesting?

Today at school, the most hilarious thing happened. A new teacher entered our class to replace Ong Chin Hua's class. Usually we would just ignore the teacher and carry on with our noise. However, this teacher is not ordinary, simply because she's a new face. An Indian teacher! haha... after Premalata has left, Chia Wei have no mood on fooling anybody's class anymore. The class shouted and scream when she enters. I don't know the details why did such pollution exist in the first place.
Ok, back to the topic. The reason I would post something like this because... That damn teacher gave me a stupid nickname and I've decided to hate her and not try to know her at all. shit her. I was totally framed.

Then later, another miracle happened. Chia Wei as the class graduation magazine class editor. Had problems with some non cooperative students in the class. These students did not write their 感言 which is a comment or last words for the school. And thus Chia Wei being pissed of getting them to write the comment. He said: "谁还没有交感言德不用毕业". At the very moment he said 不用毕业, thunder struck, as if he is saying something wrong. xD the whole class even laughed at him