Friday, June 13, 2008

My comeback

Its been like... a week? i stop blogging? And what happened?

my views per day dropped 50%!!! from 20 to 8 or 9 per day!!! wth?

It can't be blamed. haiz... I was struggling to increase the daily views to get qualified for a simple advertisement from nuffnang. looks like all hope is gone. xD no matter. I shall be back on this task after the SPM (which I myself seriously doubted).


Hmm... school started on Monday (of course lar, abo Tuesday ar?)
Everyone had fun during the holidays. However many are upset that the holidays have ended (expected). People in my class are starting to get mad as they use the bamboo and rotans left by the scout and play! WHen i say PLAY, I meant PLAY!!! they are caning each other, tearing the bamboo apart with bare hands. Whipping the door with the rotan until the rotan is slitted into hundreds of pieces (OK maybe i exaggerated). You get my point. Me and Strain was planning to bring them home, but the other guys have to destroy it on the spot.

And we get most of the results in Monday d. Some does not appear so badly, some are expected and of course some are out of my imagination! I passed BC!!! when i think i could fail, I passed it!!!

Here are some equations

no school = no homework,
got school = homework,

holiday = no homework right?


Holiday = more homework and projects

just that nobody remembers it

My point is, when people should finish their projects in the holidays, they didn't. They have to wait till when school reopened to start "doing" it. xD I wanted to pass up on Monday itself, but the stupid teacher say to pass up with the others. What the hell? then my project will lose originality d lor? bo huat lar, this time of teacher chin cai wan. SO i also cin cai lar. They wanna copy let them lar. haiz...


ermm... Monday i brought a dead grasshopper to school, a specimen to be precise. And some of the guys saw it. hand it to teacher on Tuesday.

Boring assembly, I bet not more than 20% of the students listened to what the principal have to say. haiz... and the principal asked the student to cooperate with the school to help reduce the use of electricity due to the rise of cost. xD nobody listened! how to follow? then the funniest report is that, the principal even said that when he went to school during the holidays. One of the warden traffic (form 1) didn't allow him to enter the school grounds because there is an activity. hahaha... the hall was fill with laughter. The principal cannot enter the school? a student stopping the principal from entering the school? now that is funny. Who doesn't recognize the principal wan? haiyo... xD


some guy in the class have to bring a cockroach to school, they played with it in a Tupperware, throw it around, tossing it, using it to frighten some people and even feeding it! Such childish people. Can't be blamed, side effects due to the results we got. And then the most interesting thing happened. They played with the cockroach during AM class. Lagger is just starting to discuss the exam paper and many people start to shout! Can u believe it? guys, afraid of a little bug!!! the bug seems to be on the loose, I bet due to playing its life again. The teacher saw it and asked Lee Huai to step it. But Lee Huai is not able to as it is like our pet now. It even has a name!!! its name is 小强 xD we are asking the cockroach not to die! don't give up and etc. in the end, the owner kicked it out of the class and thrown it out. Finally freedom! but i still think he should still kill it, its a pest what... why let it live?


got most of our results. Very satisfied with most of them and my Moral has an improvement of 150%!!! and its 54% only. xD cause last time 18% only. but still i failed moral. Just like what i like to say. Students with high moral marks does not have moral, but those with low moral marks are often the ones with moral. BECAUSE they did not cheat!!! just as simple as that.


Many have hoped this day would not come, cause... its the deadline for the moral project! however, many have finish binding their projects nicely, with biodata and penghargaan etc. I didnt have any of those. Thanks again to our steam teacher. Cause He never mentioned of anything like that and he even said that just bind the kerja amal and tugasan harian will do. So, I don't care....

so fast and only 175 days are left until the SPM. haiz... is it to late to revise now? some would ask.



It's never too late! SO do your best and don't regret it later!

will put on some more post that I've prepared but did not have the time to post it XP
and I've got some more photos and video clip for the sports day. YEAH!!! eventough its late. xD

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