Saturday, June 21, 2008


Death is a part of life. It is the end of ones journey, quest or destiny in life. Death is unavoidable, death is painful and sorrowful. However, everyone MUST go through this process. Those that doesn’t are known as god. Only becoming god you shall escape from such suffering.

There are multiple types and of death. There are those who can’t wait to die and just end their lives right here right now (suicide cases), there are the ones that have lived long enough to pick a fight to die (gangsters), some who would like to put their life on the line for something useless (illegal racing, drugs and etc), those whose time is up (old age) and leave the world, some who leaves the world painfully (sickness) and the most scariest of them all… SUDDEN DEATH!!! You are not warned not knowing that what is going to happen next. Just like the incident of the Tsunami the hit Malaysia on the 24th of December 2004. Countless of lives are lost during that few minutes. Being washed away, smashed by the force of the waves and etc. They do not wish for that and definitely they never thought a trip to the beach for a picnic can end up disastrous. Not knowing that such an enormous wave can happen after a small earthquake (felt in Malaysia). But still, we have to face it. As it is the cycle of life, when you are born, you are destined to die at some point of your live, nobody lives forever except god.

Just like the other day, after school I was waiting for the uncle on the motorcycle that sells candy, comics, magazines, trading cards and etc waiting for his arrival so that i can buy some sweets that I have missed over the holidays. But since school started, He never showed up. I ask a few friends of mine, did he get another job? Where is he? I need to buy some candy, if not Esther will have a charcoal face. (just kidding, not like she is that ‘small gas’) Then I was told that: “If you see him, you are in big trouble, because he passed away.”

I was like: “WHAT? Don’t say other people like that lar. He had never crossed your path, why would you curse him?”

Then another guy told me that he saw in the article that he died in an accident during the holidays. It is even on the news. I stared at them for a while, then I said: “If that is true then I can’t buy candy from him anymore?” cause only he had that type of sweet, I’ve never spotted such candy sold anywhere else. It was just like yesterday that I bought his candy and now no more, forever gone, even his shady spot is parked by another uncle now. He died in an accident during the holidays! How? It is so sudden, luckily I’m barely know him.

Another friend of mine, Benjamin. His dog just passed away a few days ago. According to him it was just going to sleep, then the next thing they knew is, it does not wake. And its not breathing anymore. His dog was very obedient and she lived with them for many years now. I barely know the dog, but at least I know it does a good job, cause it always bark at me when I'm near his house xD Death is unavoidable, no matter to human or animal.

I took a picture of this lizard just now when I was walking the dogs. A road kill!

Life is precious, so live meaningfully and you won’t regret when your time comes…

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Teddy said...

interesting post about death..
its true that death is very unpredictable, u may just see the person today, but tmr , he may be gone ady....
this is life, so unpredictable..

John Ang said...

ya i guess that's true