Thursday, June 19, 2008

The lesson I've learned today

The class placings are out, guess what?
I'm not in it this time. YEAH!!! time for a big big big celebration! If you didn't get what I meant, I'll explain here: The class have 42 pupils, after each exams, the placings are what we seek the most as it is a comparison in between us. But the school would like to increase all our standards by meeting the parents if the pupil gets a 22> placing in class. However, this is only applied for the B classes. Which I'm in one of it. In A classes, the pupil's parents are not required to meet the class teacher. But for the C classes, all the students will be meeting the form teacher.

When such an activity is organized, I would always hope that I'm 'safe'. Without luck, my wish doesn't come through each year, till today. Actually its was me that is not hardworking each time. xD but for the parent's day this Saturday, It's different! I'm safe!!! i got the 20th placing in the class. Not very good but barely safe. But still I'm free this Saturday!!! xD anybody want to go Queensbay? just kidding...

Another thing happened to day in school that touched me deeply. I'm do not get good results for my language subjects (except english, still acceptable but still not satisfying). My BM teacher had always reminded me to start studying now and then. However, our class had never shown a little initiative to study for the upcoming SPM papers, including me. XP For the past exam, I flunked my BM paper a few times, but each time teacher Kang Kul Lee will point out my every mistakes (as she would to other students), as she knows we would not read it. =) However, that is not the only thing she did, today she torn exercises from her own reference book! Calling each weak students out and gave each of us (I'm one of them) a different sheet! She did not collect money for the book! She did this for she wanted us to do better, when we have shown her we have no interest! This is a responsible teacher! She will be the teacher I admire from now on...

She is chinese and we would definitely be able to communicate better in Chinese, but when she entered our class for the first day, she spoke to us using BM. She chosen to only speak BM to us to make us get used to talking BM and this will somehow help improve our BM. She was so convincing that I even thought she is a 香蕉人 (a person that doesn't know his/her race's language). But I was proven wrong.

And thus, I shall do my very best for my future and to not let anyone down! Especially ME!!! Wish me luck...

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