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CLHS SPBT Club 1st Annual Traning Camp

2nd of June (Monday)
It's a very historical event to the SPBT club of CLHS and the AJKs that have been working their ass off are looking forward to it. (of course I'm included) Even tough there were multiple obstacles, re planning and meetings we have finally pulled it off. And  here we are, at school as early as 6.30am gathered to prepare the necessary stuffs. I've reached there exactly 6.30am. Then I walked with Khye Jie to the Ron dayvoo point (3TC3). Due to the darkness, I was creep out to see nobody can be seen. And naturally afraid. As there were many many many ghost stories told. Seeing there was nobody at the agreed place. We headed to the basketball court which have the lights on. To my surprise, there they were. I even thought that I was the first to arrive. hahaha... ya right... 

Picture of Zhong Ven, Watson & Chen Kwok taken on the basketball court. But you'll definitely not able to see the difference xD

Khye Jie, the first aid and photographer of the day

Prepared by Wei Wan. Thx... only used it once. Thank god

Some of the form 3 organizing committiee

more committee

Chia Sen (Organizing Secretary) & Goh Wei Chung (Organizing Chairman) checking the souvenirs for the teacher advisor

Xun Huan one of the Esco (i don't know why did he even bring his lappy? @.@)

When the sky is brighter, we headed to the classrooms which we have applied for. And the first thing I see is this

The router was not in its place!! Where did it go? Stolen? Removed for repairs? maybe, maybe not

Just to kill time, Jia Jun (my secretary) using Xun Huan's lappy

Some of the early birds

more pictures...

And guess what? An uninvited guest sleeping near our class. We can smell it a few classes away. Pheww... yucks... even my DOGS doesn't smell that bad

When we got nothing to do, we get bored right?
Here are some ESCO dozing into mid air

Phoon Zhong Ven (Ketua Biro Seliaan)

Yap Wai Kay (Ketua Disiplin) He is not wearing out club T-shirt and he is wearing slippers. What the heck?

The organizing Chairman, Goh Wei Chung. Without him, the camp will definitely fall apart

Looks like Khye Jie found something better to do. BASKETBALL!!!

Scouts moving their Pheonix
Looks like we are not the only ones with activity going on...

Then at 8am, the opening ceremony.

Noticed something? the fan is not moving!!! No electricity for the whole day ar!!

After the opening ceremony, it's the 2 hours training course and I'm the speaker!

adding the 'music' produced by the orchestra, things get even 'better'

I had to speak louder to make them hear me.

After the bla bla bla, still got around... 110minutes to go. Ya it took only 10 minutes to finish the course xD. So, to kill time we played some of the classic interact games.

memorizing the names

(the camera man is sleeping or the camera is useless. haiz...)

without edit and this is what you get. haiz... its my camera some more.

We also played the number game, which is pretty lame. But that is what I can think of on the spot. xD Then some students suggested the classic eagle catch the chicks game. I modified the game and bit and they started playing. The special conditions are that all the members are distributed to 6 teams and these 6 teams shall fight each other!! the mother chicken will try to snatch the chicks of the other mother chicken and thus increasing the amount of chicks he owns. xD I know this is a childish game

But they ended up having fun... hmm...

At last there is the final 3 teams eliminated from 6 teams
Later one of the leader thinks the game is meaningless. And thus he given up.

And that leaves 2 teams remaining. In the end there are no results in such situation. So it is proceeded to a rock paper scissors game.

But the weightage is heavy. The leaders losses in one round, the losing leader will have to give 5 of his chicks (members) to the opposing force. And thus, it ended quickly.

The losing leader are punished to do squatting 10 times holding 5 textbooks on their hands!

Thye Liang is being sporting

But Kah Teik is hesitating

The form 4 leader that given up during the game

The second place

Here are pictures of punishment for losing in the number game

pumping twice (hahaha... it was meant to be easy)

sit up

Then we all head out to the station games. Which we look forward! yeah...
There are 6 stations in total and here are some pictures...

An ESCO trying out the game

Erm... being bullied? xD

more like the 3 blind mice XD

members are blindfolded and required to walk the path full with mines. Once the mine is touched, another stationer will shoot the member with water. xD

the track...

In this game, members are distanced from the table and the member must only use his mouth to get the sweet or sweet wrapper out of the container containing the flour

pretty mouth you got there xD

However, this game seems a bit easy

In this game, members according to turns are required to search for the pass scroll (toilet paper) to proceed to the next task. But its similar to finding a needle in a needle stack xD cause the box contains about 50+ toilet rolls!!! xD

Wow... I even caught the 'scroll' rolling out of the box

Once they cleared the scroll searching task, they are required to use the 'scrolls' to pass the marble on.

The marble got stucked half the way i suppose?

And finally, my station! Muahahah... members that came here, complained its the worst game ever. Wanna know why? Read on

This is the overview of the shooting range

The area between the stick and the plastic bag is 1 mark, while the plastic is worth 2 marks. Each team are require to get 5 marks. And each person have to shoot them. If one of their members missed and the total is 4 instead of 5 they'll have to shoot again until they get 5 marks.

Now, what to shoot? a seed from a pile of shit. muahahaha... each members are required to put in their hand hand into the pile of shit (asam) and grab a seed out. Then the seed is located in the mouth to be spitted. But before spitting the seeds. Members are required to answer 2 general knowledge questions. if they get 2 questions correct, they are allowed to choose the way they spit. only 1 question correct, the member is required to kneel down and spit. but if none are correct, then the member have to be like below:


The frog spitting style!

The last team the arrive is given an extra task, and that is, using the shit to form a love on the plastic bag.

working hard and working together, they get this:

A shit love xD

Then. they all headed back to the OC room and rest. Then lunch is given to everybody.

Justin is clever enough to buy additional drinks

chit chatting while eating! do you know you may get gastric like that?

Choong Yen avoiding the camera!

As for the ESCOs, a special drink is prepared! xD

After lunch, all the members are to regroup back to the OC room. And the interview session begins. The Interview session is held by me, Aaron, Jia Jun and Miss Khoo Phaik Yueh. The morning class students gt it off easily, but the afternoon class students was like tortured!! kolian nia... form 1, form 2 only got tortured like this. During the interview session, the others are playing basketball and some were chit chatting outside! In short, separated! what the heck?

After the interview, all the members are regrouped in the OC room once more. To kill time, Wei Chung started asking their opinions of the games.

Some of the ESCO got bored and mad that they started blowing the gloves!! that are meant for medical uses.

And this is what we got. An ESCO posting in front of the camera

And that is the last of posting

Then, its the closing ceremony! souveniers are given to Miss Khoo Phaik Yueh and Mr Chong

Teacher, please look here lar...

Mr Chong's picture was lost during the transition. pai seh ar...

Dude... don't shake your head too hard lar.

And we also lost a picture due to technical difficuties. pai seh...

A picture of the winning team and the task fullfiling team.

Taken this pic while leaving the school, and he immediately turn his face the other wway pulak... so uncooperative

and is Khye Jie

And that ends the day... the attendance was very bad (1/10 of the members was present), but only a student was hurt with minor injuries. A smaller group of people is atualy easier to control and everyone was happy and they enjoyed themselves. So we can say that the event is successful!

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