Wednesday, April 30, 2008

26th of april (saturday)

     Last Saturday, I went to Lorong Kulit for the first time!! As a Penang guy, going to Lorong Kulit is like going to toilet. But its different for me as my dad is very protective. Only once a blue moon we get to go to places full of people, eg: Queensbay, Gurney and etc. To me, going to Lorong Kulit is a new experience. It is said that Lorong Kulit is the heaven for antiques. U want to find any antiques in Penang? then go to Lorong Kulit. Besides that, its where u can find genuine immitation of Rolex and etc. When we bought something cheap, we would usually say, "Did you bought that from Lorong Kulit?" Because it is low in cost, it is also low in quality. My ultimate purpose going there is in hope of finding a cheap handphone for sale and affordable. As I would like to use a second handphone.

Below are some pictures of antiques:

As you can see in this pic, there are 3 hats, one of it is made of plastic which is common nowadays.
But the other 2 are made from bronze and its in a good condition.

vases and decoration items

antique cooking utensils

old plates collections

     Lorong Kulit is now a morning market, therefore, there are different stores everywhere. And there is bound to be many customers each day. There are stalls selling fruits, clothing, second hand items (no picture of that. hehehe...), handphones, fruits and daily items.

Some believe these phones are stolen, but then again there is no evidence

A whole collection of jeans of different patterns. You don't get to see such a store in a regular market nowadays. Cause they only sell woman clothing which has more demand.

Daily groceries you can find in a regular store

FRUITS STANDS!!! and here is a huge pile of durians!!! They even open partly to promote their durians better. In some places the open 
durians that are almost due and give potential customers a free taste.

again... its the ribenas. It's getting popular in Penang. But does anyone knows what its real name / scientific name is?

more durians...

I guess that's all about Lorong Kenari. And I bought a micro SD 1 GB memory card for only RM40!!! hahaha... and its working finely.