Tuesday, April 8, 2008

8th of April 2008

really need to update frequently, as The things i want to speak of are increasing day by day. just like homework and some day it will explode and I'll give up continuing it. That is why I dont have a DIARY!!!

This morning when i reach my class, I open my textbook and did my homework like always. Then Hong Yong came in, I didnt mind him and continuing doing my homework. But then when he sat down, DT and Yi Shyan are laughing so hard. So I turn and take a look

He wore his brother's school uniform!!!
F5s school number started with C6483 but his is C5418.
And the name tag for form 5 are brown instead of green.

He is Lau Hong Yong but he is wearing Lau Chun Hean's uniform, which should be in our school upper six this year. I laugh so hard at first, then I ask him how can he mistakenly wore his brother's shirt? Do you what he said? He said that his mother misplaced their uniforms and that is  what happened. Haiz... looks like need to change his title d, Lau Hong Yong the steam one. hahaha...

And Wai Kay brought a cute laser for the presentation today. but he later noticed that it was on all night unused!!! and so we did not used it in our presentation. I think its kind of like a toy. hahaha...

When it was EST period, everybody acted like a fool. like they never hear the teacher said that there will be a presentation today. In fact we do. 42 students are divided into 8 groups. Given time preiod is about one week (informed last week). Today only 2 group prepared the Mahjong Paper (slides). We had the last 5 minutes. so we didnt actually present Henry Ford. Oh... i forgotten our presentation is about the biography of Henry Ford.

This is the cover of our 'folio'. As we are required to hand in a hard copy like a folio of 10 pages, but I made it 17. luckily the teacher didn't mind

A group doing about ... diesel (forgotten his name) they prepared the hard copy but they did not prepare the presentation. So, the results are the same as other groups. 0 marks for not doing the presentation. (man, this teacher is cruel)

Then Tze Chuen was the best presenter in class. He didnt know it was today. he immediately take out a few piece of paper, then started writing the facts and what he will be talking about. A 5 man group but only he presented just like a one man ARMY!!! and he did well, as he know his 'tokoh' well.

Then after school, I had a illigel meeting!!!

Hahaha... cause we are not allowed to used the ... room without the teacher's permission. But we somehow posess a copy of the key. Muahahah.. USB YOU CAN'T STOP US!!!

Then when the meeting ended, I took off to the field. where the blue house are having their last house practice

F5s are gathering around but not joining the sports. but instead looking for shelter

Man I pity the teacher that owns the red car. The car will definitely be full of fingerprints when he is going home. hahaha...

All the students gathering under the hot sun? IMPOSSIBLE... actually its because they were ask to, if not their attendance will not be marked. So sad... unlike the yellow house we look for a shady spot before marking attendance. hahaha...

And this is PK. A F4 student. Fond of xxx (better not reveal it) later he'll kill me. Zhao Min bet you know him. hahaha...


6th of April 2008

This is a dedication to Wilson (the cat lover) and a post from me (a cat hater)
On that sunday, I was playing badminton by the roadside (sob... don't have tha cash to rent a court. just kidding dont have the time to go only)

As I was saying, I was palying badminton by the roadside. Then I saw something in the middle of the road.
I saw this cat

It can barely stand firmly. But it is walking around calling. There were no other caats around. So I carried it to the side. Then I thought it would starve to death as it is only a baby. Seriously, I thought of sending it to Wilson. But i don't think it can withstand the pressure and I dont even kn0w if Wilson will keep it. hahaha... So, I brought it to the 'Alley Cat' behind my house. That is where all the cats of the Sungai Ara residence gather together. Seriously!!! Then I took off.

It is very pitiful. I can't keep it!!! I have 9 dogs at home. remember? So I have to leave it there and wish it luck.

This is cat is lost
It didn't know the road to survival
It has no knowledge for surviving
It does not have food or water pack in its back pack
BUT it tends to continue walking
HOPING and LOOKING for survival but not seating there calling for help!!!

5th of April 2008

The other day's post. I mention that the safety pipes were missing. and guess what? after 4 days.

New ones are here!!!

But still it is not properly fixed. People can easily uproot it... haiz... wasting the peoples money. 

As you can see it is not placed deeply.

See? they just put it on a side. just by lifting it and all the pipes will say bye bye d. haiz...

Now that is a lot of steel pipes. But are they secured to prevent theft?

Yes they are.


4th of April 2008

Guess what are these?

If you say budle of strings... WRONG
If you say its a rope... WRONG
Its a few earth worms!!! hahaha...
bet you didnt saw that coming

you might say yucks but do you know what does it contributes to our ecosystem? If you dunno, you can go back to primary school and study...

Now, why did I capture this little worms? To make my own 100% nature fertiled soil!!! hahaha... a lame idea, but just for the fun of it, cause i love gardening


Guess thats about what I had experienced for the last 5 days


JAJT is here at 11.12pm

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