Monday, April 14, 2008

Yesterday was the CDK (Convent Datuk Keramat an all girl school) food fair. many of my friends went to the event to join the crowd, to eat and some even just to meet my friends (especially girl friends). I wanted to join them, but unfortunately, I have too much things to rush about, the competition, the essays and the feel of guilt. Makes me not interested in anything else. I did not make it to the food fair. Therefore, there are no pictures posted. Sadly, I heard that there were many people of all genders. hahaha...

Late at night, chatted with Zhao Min. about school work and our homeworks. She wrote about the book she read (PS: I love you) in her essay. I have not actually read the book, but i've seen the movie description. I wanted to watch it, but yet again i failed to find the time to do some entertaining stuffs. My first priority list is piling up as tall as Mount Olympus. The novel is about a couple which really loves each other. Then one day, the husband was seriously injured on the head. The wife was so afraid of losing him and would not even leave him to go to the bathroom. Then when he died, The wife was in a state of shocked and panic. She doesn't know what should she do next. She would like to end her life right away. And when all hope is lost, she receive a package with no return address or name on the package. When she opened it, It was from her dead husband. There were 8letters in total. They were all written before he passed away. Each letter has a date on it. She opens the letters according to their dates and she lives on according to
how her husband ask her to. When she was opening the last letter in December. She was afraid to open the last letter, but she did anyway. In the last letter, Her husband ask her to be brave to love again and that she had live 8 months without his presents. And told her to be independent. And lastly there was the final line in the letter. PS: I Love You. This is the first novel that is capable of bringing my tears out. This story has a different ending than all the others you can find. I wish to be able to read it someday. haiz... hope I have the time to read it.

Today, DT was absent. and there was PJ in the first class. usually DT who cannot sit tight in his chairs would automatically ask me to go find our PJ teacher with him. But no, he is not there to ask me nor doing anything else. It was a totally different day today. The class was chaotic. hahaha... and as usual the lagger is lagging all the way through. And yet nobody dares to erase the warning written by lagger on the whiteboard. xD We also get to write our graduation comments, as DT is absent, tomorrow will be too late for him to edit it. XD He'll kill me for it but I guess it wasn't too much after all. Its once a lifetime experience to have people comment for you. and that comment is going to stay in that graduation book FOREVER. and some people even erase what others had written for him. haiz... They do not know how would i want somebody to write for me... haiz... I get only 2 lines... haiz... I guess thats enough.

Today the form six librarian held a book fair for 3 days. But unfortunately, There are no books that I wish to purchase. As the book sellers tends to sell reference book, outdated magazine, childish comics EVERY YEAR!!! getting bored of it. Wish there is a section which sells IT books or programming books. Guess thats it for today

JAJT was here at 10.53pm

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