Thursday, April 24, 2008

     Yesterday during our boring add math class conducted by lagger, everyone was sleepy as we give her face not to sleep. Then we heard the PA system was on, but there are no sudden reports (which is usually use for). So, we ignored it and continue listening to the lagger lag. Then we heard some background sounds. people talking, shouting some even whispering. We assumed it was the voices of students/teachers from the field, testing the PA system for next friday's sports day.

      Out of a sudden, we began to hear an unfamiliar sound. It was a siren!! A fire alarm siren!!! we used to use the old fashion bell which rings so loud that some day we might even break it into pieces. I remember the last fire drill last year, the bell was like a few steps away from our class. So whenever its time to chang periods, we would not talk for a moment. As our afford are wasted when we try to cover the sound of the bell. This year, I heard that they use a manual siren. Which requires the user to turn the thingy provided to produce the noise.

     When we heard it, we were like expecting it. Because just not long ago we had the new fire escape plan pasted on our class notice boards. Some of us screamed with joy, some screamed for their life (for fun) and some did noting at all. But no one was dissappointed. During a drill, normally people would have to line up properly before going to the field.
But in our case, we don't. We were screaming someone was Burn!!! I am burn!!! Fire!!! save me!!! as for me. i'm busy reading my 'learn sea' AKA hsueh hai (which i do not have the time t read it after the teacher distributed) and unconciously i was holding a tape. Dunno what for... hmm... Well, we walk down slowly to the field as its only a drill and our class is rather close to the field. When we reached the field, other classes was already there and everyone from my class scattered. I can't even find my class. The funny thing is I even saw a guy bringing his back down the field. I guess he did that on purpose. Many other students are like me (not wasting time) holding a hsueh hai paper in their hands.We are casually talking to our friends from the same class and from different classes. 

     See? we are so efficient, not wasting a single second also. Sadly, I did not bring my hp to school yesterday. if not i could have took a picture of the chaos scene. and the prefects are like statues. They didnt even try to stop us from talking or try to organize us. They just stood at theor position and watch. We took about 3 min to walk to the field, 3 min listen to the babbling, 5 min to walk back to class and 10 minutes in the intervals. So, we wasted our precious time doing the fire drill while our add math arre already teaching at a very slow rate. Don't mistaken me! We did not like the teacher, but the lagger is our only source of math knowledge.

And i guess that covers it.

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