Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yesterday was our school's annual hiking competition. held at Penang Hill. I didn't make it causse I was not the first 200 contestants in the jogathon. sob... I wanted to go, as we are awarded extra 10 marks!!! in out PJK paper. Which is pretty hard for me to get. As nobody studies the 30 marks objective and they depend only on the 50 marks physical test. Which is not the case for me, as I do not train frequently, only once a blue moon. hehehe... That is because laziness and all...

other than that, It was Nicholas Choo's birthday!!! I almost forgot... hehehe... paisheh ar. I only noticed when i found the reminder note in my hp. It was set wrongly. so I was not informed. And it was also Bok Su Ping's birthday. A primary school friend which had not contact for a while. I wondered did she change her hp number or she doesn't have any credits left? hmm... or is she ignoring me. Well, I've done my part. Its up to her now.

Ok, monday will be a disastrous day. Where my friend is gonna confess and hope that USB doesn't killing spree us. our else there will certainly be more trouble. Besides that, I had not finish 2 computer written assignment, the competition project model and HOMEWORKS!!!! haiz... need to hurry now

These two days was searching for a book called "What is the Name of this Book?" by Raymond Smullyan. If anybody have any info where to download the ebook or buy it in Penang, Malaysia. Please leave me a comment or tag me.

JAJT is here at 1.41pm

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