Thursday, April 24, 2008

     Today was a abnormal thursday, as i have finished additional math and modern math homework, i'm not sleepy early in the morning and i'm reading my sejarah revision book wherever i go. and i MEANT WHEREEVER I GO!!! I guess there are logical explanation behind these rare situations. I finished the hw cause its little and i had the mood, not sleepy because i was fooling around pumping early in the morning and the SJ book was because there is a class test today and i totally forgotten about it until last night, but i didnt manage to finish reading it. So i'm desperate. From this you can conclude that, I work under pressure. with pressure the things i do have quality and without pressure i'm lazy. looks like my soulmate have to be a bossy one. XD

     During recess, walk around then saw Adam in front of his class. He was holding a paper for the science fair state level in USM. He was offered to join but 
he was interested but not free at the moment. Then I saw Miss Lim in the staffroom, she ask for an update about the national level science exhibition and offered me to this state level competition. I was like smiling secretly. 1 competition in RECSAM and my project is wanted in all this competitions. I was like wow... I want to join but sadly this year is the SPM year. haiz... I was planning to pass it khye shen, but looks like miss lim was insisting in sending her selected candidates. Those certs means nothing to me as i already possess a international level cert which holds a higher mark than any of those offered, but the fun is the experience and the people you'll meet there. And yesterday i checked with MINDS, non of the 2 groups send was chosen for the competition in KL. haiz... I was partially sad but was partially happy. cause our design is totally impossible to build. Glad thats over...

     Our physic teacher, Pn. Hong is taking a few students to enter the MSSPP chess competition for 2 weeks. And this week was the last week. At first, we were happy, but now I felt different (dunno how about the others) we were already behing syllabus when we are having the usual class and now this. WHY? why is our class the only one affected? damn u principal!!! give us such a lousy timetable. Chemistry behind syllabus, Add math behind syllabus, Modern math behind syllabus, physics behind syllabus and even sejarah is behind syllabus!!! how are we gonna have time to to the last minute revisions? haiz... nevermind that. what done is done. Unless you can time travel! 'but time travelling is impossible as stated in wikipedia' (quoted by wilson) so we will just have to face the facts.

     As I was saying, we were behind syllabus, and we had 2 unfinished pekas. so even with her absents, she ask us to go to the lab and do the experiment. BY OURSELVES!!! NO HELP!!! well maybe help from the lab assistant. But we didnt summon her anyway. While we are in the lab, only 2 groups were doing the experiment. my group and tze chuen's group. Usually we have only 5members in a group, but today some people are lazy, so they just gather round and watch and copy the data, this is not the worst!!! some were talking a way, about girls, playing and etc... (wasn't paying attention to them)

     after we finished the experiments, we were going back to class, I saw a few guys standing in the corridor. staring at something. THen yong ling was holding his
pencil box up high. (abnormal) suspected was a hp, and a prefect was walking to his direction. wow... luckily i call for him and he saw the prefect, just in time to keep it. while we were heading back to class we saw some flying insects flying out of the bushes. So, later i found out what was yong ling looking 
at. It was a group of insect ('water ants' in hokkien) flying out of the bush. It is an old ant that grew wings, its suppose to be yucky as a group of tiny little
crawlies touching you. But today is an exception, the insects flew as if they were pigeons released from a cage, looking them for hundreds of years. The insects flew as if their lifes are depending on it and they have just obtained freedom. For the first time I saw the beautiful side of the insects. (did that came out right? XD)

     Too bad i didnt bring my hp to school today also. XD but that wont happen tomorrow!!!

Its late now. got to sleep d hahaha...
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